we got done with our ceremonies so it is officially spring for me now. garage sales are starting. k u got beat in the big tournament. grass is greening up. my grow boxes are ready to plant. my garden is tilled up. yep its spring.

i was disappointed the jayhawks got beat but they are still my favorite team. they always will be. i feel they are the best team in the country this year. they just didn’t win the national championship i was hoping for.

spring break is over. I had the boys all week. we went to the zoo one day. we took them to our spring ceremonies. I think they behave alright. they are used to going with us.

i have been at our dance for the past 4 days. i got out of my routine. i was sorting hair and building grow boxes. i cleaned up most of my garage. i will finish cleaning that and start on cleaning my tool shed. there is always work to do. after all the rain we got, soon it will be time to go hunt for morel mushrooms. i like to have a taste of them. i aint no fanatic that has to pick the most. i get my fill and that’s enough til next year.

I cant help but be up on national politics. I am glad trumpcare failed to pass. after years of hating on it they haven’t anything better to replace Obamacare. there is an old saying don’t tear anything down until you have something better to replace it with. i don’t think they were concerned about the American people. they were worried about being reelected. they were only trying to protect their jobs and all the bennies they can get out of it.

I will be on Medicaid in about a month. the politicians wanted to cut into that. i paid into social security my whole life. it aint something they are giving me.  i think if they wanna build a wall they should build it around Washington d.c.  keep them politicians penned in. they are the biggest threat to the American people. they are robbing us to make the rich richer.

now that it is warming up, i am thinking road trip. i want to camp out. i haven’t upacked my tent and air mattress. it is still in the storage space in my car. i like to see places or events i haven’t seen before. i will look for a place to head out to…..



I may miss the first part of the K U game tonight. I will be at our spring ceremonies. I will record the game and watch the whole game later. I will probably get to see the second half. that is the important part of the game.

I always believe our team will win. i was down on mass street in Lawrence the last time we went to final four. the place was packed. i ran into a lot of Indians that were there too.

my daughter didn’t place my bet in vegas. i missed the 8 to 1 odds at the time. i would have made $400 on a $50 bet. you cant get that return very often. i am still in the running in the pool i put $20 on. i just want to see the jayhawks win the national championship. they have been my favorite team for the past 50 years.

it has been raining off and on for two days now. i uncovered my compost pile i made last year. i layered rotting hay, leaves, kitchen scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells in it. i covered it with a pond liner. i heard it made compost quicker. it didn’t. i will wait.

i am glad i bought that load of composted manure. i moved the pond liner to cover it so the rain wouldn’t cause it to become packed. i will spread some of it to my sema patch. i will also add some of it in front of my chicken house and tool shed where i will grow indian beans. i already burned off my big garden. i have two 100 ft rows of strawberries growing in it. i will add compost around each strawberry plant. if i have any left i will broadcast it around my big garden.

the rain has made me anxious for morel mushrooms. i know it is still a bit early but as soon as it is time i will go look for them. this past winter has been rather dry. that could affect how many mushrooms pop up. if we get ample rainfall we still can get a lot of them. i go out several times every spring. i walk for a few hours each time. i like being out in nature. i feel at peace in it. gotta get ready to head out……….



I finished adding 4 more grow boxes this spring. now I have a dozen of them. i will be satisfied with that many for now. the box size of roughly 3 foot square is dictated by the recycled pallet boards. some ends had to be cut off to eliminate split wood.

I filled each one with a mixture of composted manure and potting soil. I added cotton burr compost to the mix too. I threw my egg shells and coffee grounds into the boxes.

I watered it all down to get the soil and compost to bind together. i built these next to my outside faucet so i can water them when needed. it will be ready to plant after our spring ceremonies.

tonite KU plays again in the ncaa basketball tourney. I am heading to our spring ceremonies and have the game recording in case I get back late. I am in one pool. I always say it is someone that don’t know a damn thing about basketball that wins them. I find myself in third place with an opportunity to score the most available points. I was told ‘welcome to the world of the uneducated’. I had to laugh at that.

I am happy with the work the tribe did for me. they cut down a coupla dead trees I had and hauled them off. that opened up my back yard. I am considering adding a couple of dwarf fruit trees to that back yard area. the tribe is still working on the trees I have in my chicken coop. they are near the power lines. they wont be when they done. again I say other tribal programs should do a reach out to tribal members for a week of work. they should give something back to the community that makes their job possible.

I thought about butchering some chickens because I couldn’t get rid of my surplus eggs fast enough. i have been selling them so now I wont butcher any chickens. well I have two roosters. one has to go. my egg money pays for my chicken feed. not a bad deal. I guess you could say that my chickens are almost sovereign eh.

I am ready for spring.



I may be an old retired guy but I have been busy. I added the composted manure i bought to my grow boxes. i could tell this is a rich mixture. when i was mixing it, my grandsons were getting the worms and feeding them to my chickens. earthworms in the soil are a good sign. I added a grow box  and will build some more before planting starts.

it looks like i bought more composted manure than i needed for the boxes. i will make use of it though. i will add some to the ground where i grow my sema. i will also put some in front of the trellises on my chicken house and tool shed. i will plant indian beans there.

my garden was tilled by the tribe. i had them skip over the first two rows. i planted strawberries in them last year. i will add compost around my straw berry plants. they should produce this year especially after i add the compost.

if i have any compost left over i will broadcast it all over the garden until i run out. it wont fill that space up but at least it will be put to use.

other tribal guys came over to trim some dead trees out of my yard. today they coming back to trim the trees in my chicken coop. the tree limbs  are getting near my electrical lines. some power companies trim the trees themselves but not the ones that provide my electricity. they will do it then charge me for it.

i am glad this tribal program doing it. they are doing work all week for people that signed up for it. i filled out a work order to have trees cut. i think that is a great service. i wish every tribal program would take note of that. they should all spend at least a week helping people that need it. i know some programs don’t do very much for our people other than draw a check off us. they aint getting over, they screwing our people.

i tried to fire up my old troy-bilt tiller. it fired on the first pull but wouldn’t stay running. even though my big garden is tilled i need my tiller to churn up the ground by my chicken house n shed. i also need to till up my sema patch. i cant fix small engines. the guy i used to take my tiller to just recently passed away. i gotta find someone to work on it. if anyone knows someone local that works on tillers, give me a holler.

gardening will take up my time for the first part of this spring. i notice that retired people have the best gardens. that’s because you have to put time into it. i used to till gardens for people that grew nothing but weeds. they didn’t understand that you gotta put work into it to get anything out of it. you cant tell some people anything.

just got back from my regularly scheduled doctors appointment. my blood pressure was the best its been in a long while. i have been putting in effort to improve my health. will be walking more now that its warming up. i will be busy…..



last blog I posted a picture of a pile of garbage. this picture is one of a lot of bull$*!+. well actually it is composted cow manure. I bought it from a green house to amend the soil in my grow beds. I will add it to the new ones I build too.

the guy said it has been composted for a few years. he told me to mix it about half and half with potting soil. I bought 4 scoops for $20 a scoop and it cost me 15 for him to deliver it to my place. the money I spent on it i will get back in veggies. I had the compost dropped off by my garden. I burned it off so it is ready to till up.

the guys wife said he would till a garden the size of mine for about $200. I passed on that. If nothing else I will fire up my old troy built tiller. it is about 40 years old but has worked fine for the past 10 years.

I was working outside all day yesterday. I wanted to get busy on my grow boxes since I bought the compost. first I had to do spring cleaning in my car port. don’t know of any indian living in a hud home that actually uses it as a garage. 

previously I built work benches the entire length of one wall in the garage. I put up the old cabinets that were taken out of the kitchen when I put in new ones. now I have a lot of storage. I also had put up peg board with the little hooks to hang my tools on.

I also had piles of stuff. I couldn’t find a tool when I needed one. so I cleaned out the garage. I found tools I have been looking for. I did finish building one grow box and put it in place after I dug the ground up with a shovel. now that I have things ready I will build more grow boxes this week. I have 9 now.

I couldn’t start my riding mower. the battery is dead. I hooked it up to a battery charger I got at a garage sale. I also drained the gas out of my tiller. I will gas up both machines with new gas. one shade tree mechanic said old gas causes problems so replace it. I will. some of them goobers know what they talking about.

I have a few recycled boards left that I bought from a pallet company. I will use them up to build more grow boxes. when I run out of them, I have about 3 or 4 pallets out back I will cut up with my sawzall. I should have enough boards to make all the grow boxes I want. I got two crops out of some grow boxes last year so I am sold on growing in them. my big field will be for corn and squash and indian beans.

good thing we having our spring ceremonies coming up. I will be able to plant once we done with them. I remember one year I told an old man I already had potatoes and onions in. he looked at me and said you not suppose to until we done with this. he kinda had me on that one. so I am glad when we can get started early……


I don’t know if anyone remembers what this landscape used to look like. what appears to be a foot hill is actually the garbage dump down the highway before you get to topeekie. it was flat land.  it used to be below the tree line on the left side. I think it was under the tree line in front of the hill. now it is a mountain of garbage. I didn’t have the foresight to take a before picture.

once the newspaper had a column that said they would find any answer to any question. I asked how long would it be before this garbage pile was the highest point in Kansas. they didn’t answer me. well at least they aint dumping this stuff on the rez like the county was. the good ol boys at the county wouldn’t give the rez nothing but its garbage.

I was out and about this morning. I went to eat breakfast over at the flea market in the old bingo hall. seen lotsa Indians out. musta got their per caps. speaking of which. I went to the per cap office to change my with holding. I used to pay taxes every year so I took the max on deductions. now I am retired so I don’t need that deduction. I got less per cap than my wife did. I changed the with holding now.

when I am prowling around the rez I run into all kinds of Indians. the ones that amuse me the most are the super fort injuns. they give the country Indians the old ‘what do you want’ look. hell I aint after nothing. don’t want a damn thing from them. I lived here when we had nothing. still will after the greedy ones break us. they wont stop going to the well til its dry.

I went to get chicken feed yesterday. I seen a couple that were holding up a sign saying ‘homeless, any help appreciated’. I had the green light so I was driving thru. kinda felt guilty that I couldn’t do anything for them. I do give but you cant help everybody or fight every fight. gotta pick and choose what you can do.

at the feed store I was ready to get my feed. a clerk asked me if I needed help. I guess to load it. I get 4 bags full that weigh 40 pounds apiece. I said no. I got it. that made me wonder, do I look like an old guy or one that needs help lifting something. I pride myself on staying active. I can still work so I do.

I gotta run to town to pick up the grand sons before the KU game starts. I might pick up supper. got some bingo winnings cash in my pocket. not sure what kinda game day food I am craving. maybe a slab of ribs. or bucket of chicken. diet be damned, gotta enjoy life now and then. I will be sitting here with a greasy face watching the jayhawks win tonite. rock chalk jayhawks…………



I must be getting old.  I used to wonder why old people would be up early. now I know you just wake up. I was up and checked outside and seen this sunrise. I had to get a picture of it with my cell phone.

I was asked to speak at a graveside service being held today. it will be a bit cool out there.

it reminded me of years ago. I was asked to help dig grave. they would ask whoever showed up at the funeral. it was a small crowd and i was asked even though i was a young guy. they didn’t use or even have a back hoe then. we had to dig by shovel.

this funeral I was asked to help at was in the winter. the ground was frozen. we had to use a pick for the first foot or two to break the ground. once we were past the frozen ground we were then able to use shovels. we didn’t have gloves or have hats to cover our heads.

the wind was biting cold. once we got the hole dug down a few feet, we would volunteer to get in to dig. there was only room for one guy to work in that space. at least it was out of that frigid wind. it was still cold though. we just had a few hours to get the job done. we did.

I said I wasn’t gonna get in a tourney pool. that didn’t last long. I heard of one that cost $20 to get in. I said I might as well back my team all the way. i will fill out my bracket. my daughter is in vegas. i asked her to place $50 on K U to win it all. i think the odds are 8 to 1. not a bad pay back. i have enough faith in my favorite team to put some money on them. i win if they win.

yesterday i sorted hair for a few hours. i decided to take a break and go to the afternoon bingo. i stoked up the fire and headed out. there were only about 50 people there but i still didn’t win. they don’t pay for being close. one of the workers asked where my wife was. i said shes working. she looked at me like why aint you. i told her i was retired. she asked if that was early. i said no, just because i was retired didn’t mean i don’t work. an older lady standing in line agreed with me. most of the crowd were retired folks. i was one of them.  

gotta fix up the fire and get ready to head out……


earlier i just got back from Lawrence. home of the jayhawks. i drove the boys to school. i don’t like seeing them miss. its a good thing I have a k tag. I am on the turnpike a few times a week. mostly to pick them up or drop them off.

I got home and my internet was out. that even affected my text messaging and facebooking. i went cold turkey for a few hours. I couldn’t finish my blog. modern technology isn’t all that great sometimes.

it is time to fill out a ncaa tourney bracket again. no doubt I will have KU going all the way. they have been my favorite team for about 50 years. I haven’t won a bracket challenge but I back my team. I probably miss as many picks as all them bald headed experts. no one pays me for my picks that are way out there though.

I usually get a pool going but don’t really feel like it this year. I will keep track of my bracket. that’s enough for me. i priced tickets for the games in Tulsa. seen some i thought were a good price. that would be nice but i probably will pass on that.

i am back to sorting my porcupine hair. i get in a few hours a day during the week. i spend weekends with the grand kids. i have to get up now and then from sorting.  my lower back gets bothered by that sitting so i have to move around. it was warm a few days last week so i went for a walk. its cool today. maybe later i will walk on the tread mill.

I went on a retracing of the potawatomi trail of death several years back. the original trail of death was the forced removal of potawatomis from Indiana to Kansas. many died along the way. thus the name. seven out of eight of my great grand parents were potawatomi. I had a few on this forced march. so I went to the retracing. I met other descendants of the ones on the original march. recently I was invited to come back to Indiana to attend an Indiana indian day in april. there will be an apology to the potawatomis then. I haven’t decided if I will go or not. I may try to make it.

it was a little chilly so I started a fire in the wood stove. it will be cold again tomorrow. I haven’t had the stove going for some time. I like the heat from a wood stove. I am glad we wont be hit by the big blizzard predicted for back east.

will see what this week brings…………..



I just got back from making a town run. I have to go pick up the grandsons later this afternoon. I didn’t want to run to topeekie then home, back to topeekie on the way to Lawrence. I decided to go shop at one of the nearby border towns.

I rarely shop in this town. things arent that bad any more but I have never forgotten how it was years ago. when ever we went to a store there, we ( Indians) would get followed around the store until we left. at some stores the atmosphere was down right hostile. it aint openly like that anymore. its more subtle. thank God for gutless prejudice.

I went to wal marks to get some kiddie snacks for the grand kids who come over. juice, apple sauce etc. I have this app on my phone where I scan the receipt. it sounded like a good deal. I have bought several hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and things. I have gotten a credit of like five bucks. hey that don’t sound so great now. oh well. I spend my money there anyway. might as well get 5 bucks worth of stuff.

heading off the rez reminded of a story I wrote ago many blogs ago. there was one of these ‘good Indians’ taking around some non native church going people. they wanted to learn of the ‘native experience’. their indian guide said they wanted to talk to someone that had left the reservation and had come back. I said ‘I left last Saturday and came back’. I thought it was a witty remark. I got a cold stare for it instead of a grin. needless to say, I wasn’t the one that got to talk to these tourists.

on the way to town I stopped at nation station, where every body knows your name. I was visiting my niece and other Indians I seen there.  some customers kinda hesitated when they seen me standing there. they thought I was in line. I told them to go ahead, I wasn’t in line. I was just loitering. I am one of those old retired people that do nothing but play bingo. speaking of which, I went with my sisters last night to one up the road run by our indian brothers and sisters there. none of us won. only excitement we had was having to leave the building twice for some fire alarm.

a tribal worker came over earlier and asked if I wanted a load of dirt. I am glad he asked me but I refused it. I could feel the back pain it would cause if I physically moved hundreds of pounds of dirt to where I wanted it. I am retired. no longer as young as I used to be. old misho got arthritis in his lower back. at least this guy asks me. other tribals aint got no concern for country injuns like me. some don’t understand that hey I can read and I do wear shoes.

I wont be watching the big 12 basketball tournament anymore. my team KU got beat. I kinda like that. it will give our players a chance to get some rest and to let their bodies heal before the big tournament. they already earned their spot. there was no real need to prove anything in this current tourney. its the ncaa one we after.

I gotta head out soon to get the grandsons. I took them to the lake last time. now they after me to take them back. I probably will. I welcome the day off. I worked on sorting hair all week. time to get out to see the city lights………



I have found that being retired doesn’t mean not working. I have been working on my porcupine hair roach head dresses art. I have been sorting the pounds of hair I have bought over the past 7 or more years. every spare dollar I had I used to buy more hair. it was like investing in my future.

I put in anywhere from 3 to 8 hours in a day sorting hair. it has to get done. I don’t have anyone standing over me to watch if I work or not. I knew too many people that needed that. some still didn’t work.  I am the type that likes to get something done. whether or not anyone else knows it. i am my boss and i know if work gets done.

I enjoy the breaks I get. one of my sisters is coming home for a few days. I think the plan is we might go to bingo tonight. if not, i think we are planning to go to the casino for breakfast one of the days she is here.

I will work sorting hair as long as I can today. I put in 6 hours yesterday. I had to take time out to go for my two mile walk with my dogs. I plan on walking today too. the temperature is supposed to be 69 degrees this afternoon. gotta get out there in that weather. i have my regular 3 month check up coming in a few weeks. i will see if my blood sugar has dropped again. it has each time i went back for a check up.

I turn the t.v. on while I am working. I listen to the news or do some binge watching. I get a kick out a commercial that advertises the results they can get from testing your dna. I used to work in tribal enrollment way back when. I don’t know how they figure that someone is 1/3rd native American. once some one found out they were part native, they bought some pottery and turquoise jewelry to  identify with their culture. yeah.

today women are rallying around the country in a call for equality. I agree with them. I mentioned before that is seems more people are protesting for better treatment. there are many people that aren’t satisfied with how things are. I wonder if those in power are taking notice. probably noticing but are failing to respond. 

in my travels I go to many indian communities. I give and receive gifts from tribal members. sometimes I get medicines from other natives. I was given an ointment for skin problems because I have dry skin. i have been putting the ointment on and it is working. my skin has always been dry. good to find something that helps. thing is i might not come across it again. i have plenty to last me a while.

i might end up butchering some more chickens. it is becoming a job to get rid of all the eggs i am getting. i don’t want to put in the time to go around and sell the eggs. a couple of people have asked about buying some hens from me. i might do that too. i will thin out the flock. that will save me in feed costs too.

gotta run to town before i start sorting hair. i gotta pay for the last batch of hair i got. i also ordered more propane. i let the fire go out and have been using the furnace. my propane was getting low. i called the place i get it from and they delivered it. i have to put the checks in the mail. i missed the mail man. he came and gone. now i have to run to town……….