this is Andrew by the camp fire we had last weekend. he wanted a fire for the whole camping experience. he and Samuel really liked camping out.  it may have been my back yard but we live near the creek and we are surrounded by trees. the road is a quarter mile away from here. we will do it again sometime I am sure. 

I  liked camping out too. I am spoiled now that I use an air mattress. I need the cushion because I have arthritis in my lower back. I don’t think I could ever sleep on bare ground anymore.

last weekend got camping in my blood now.  I am thinking a short camp out this weekend. we wont have the grandsons this weekend. they going to visit their family in the southwest.

my garden is at a point where I don’t have to be working in it every day. it is doing good now because of all the work I have put in it the past few weeks. I can leave it for a few days without any worry. 

maybe we will plan our trip around finding a bingo hall. like at mesquakis. we could camp at a koa in des moines. go to the big farmers market there and maybe the flea market at the fairgrounds. I looked it up on the internet and seen it had 200 stands. we can spend a few hours walking around it looking for more junk. then head to tama for a night of bingo.

my wife works for the bia, a government job she will be able to retire from soon. she will take leave on Monday and 4th of july holiday is on Tuesday. that gives us a 4 day weekend.  it don’t matter with me. I am retired. every weekend is a 4 day week end. we could pull off a short jog up the road for camping and bingo. after bingo we could hit the casino. we will be able to really get our gambling jones on. 

I will pack the tent, my air mattress, lawn chairs and cowboy coffee pot. I have to have my coffee in the morning. we will cook breakfast at camp every day. bacon and eggs over the fire. maybe hot dogs over the fire for supper. it already sounds like fun. I got my playlists on my iPhone for road music. I can drive all day without changing a playlist. I had the oil in my car changed a few weeks back. my car is ready for a road trip too. 

I had to laugh about what I seen in town the other day. some kid, I mean he looked to be in his early twenties, was driving around with a trump flag. he was acting like ‘hey look at me, with the trump flag’. you could tell he wanted to be noticed. I thought what a dork. he was probably trying for some kind of identity. when you gotta try to create an image, you aint got one. 

tomorrow we are going to a you pick em place. they have blue berries. mary and I will pick as many as we can. we will put them up for the winter. they probably wont last that long. we bought up a lot of blueberries on our trip to maine last year. we were lucky that we spotted a road side stand just as we were to leave maine. it was a mik mak girl selling them. we bought all she had.

we made wojapi out of it several times. its not true lakota style cuz we use blue berries instead of choke cherries. I really like that dish. that’s why we are going to this u pick em place. we want as many berries as we are able to pick in the time we are there. after we put them away we are ready for some road time.




Andrew has been riding the bike I got at a garage sale. he kept going outside to ride it all week end. he has gotten my moneys worth out of it. I only paid 5 bucks for it. I will never forget the look he gave me when he seen it. it was a smile that made me feel good. 

I do what I can for my grand kids. sometimes I really indulge them. like this week end. Andrew wanted to camp out. I put up our tent in my back yard. my family owns this 80 acres where i live. it was my grandpas allotment. so we have a big backyard. over the years, I planted every tree around the house. some are 30-40 feet high. they surround the whole grounds. we have trees everywhere. 

andrew said it aint camping until you have a fire. I had to move the tent to a place where we could make a fire. his dad went to nation station to get smores makings. the boys liked making them. it was more about sitting around the fire.

after we ate, we all slept in the tent. it is big enough for 8 people. I like a big tent so if I have to, I can set my lawn chair inside to sit on. mary, Samuel and I slept on the air mattress. Andrew had a small mattress with his sleeping bag. his dad slept next to him on the ground. my dogs slept outside the tent in front of the door.

even though it was in our back yard it was quieter and more peaceful than many camp grounds I have paid money to camp at. we didn’t have any other campers walking by as we ate or sat around. it was hot all last week but the temps were around 60 degrees when we slept outside. it was cool but not cold. for sure it wasn’t hot. 

as it got later, we started to hear the night critters. there were crickets, frogs, whippoorwills, owls and coyotes. the dogs had to get up and bark at the coyotes. except for the dogs barking, these were all nature sounds. they were actually nice to hear. Andrew had his tablet on. he had to be told to turn it off and go to sleep. next morning the boys said they liked camping out. 

we left the tent up and our lawn chairs out. next night the girls came over. so we made another fire and cooked hot dogs and bratwursts. and some more smores. the kids liked being outside. we didn’t sleep outside last night though. the boys didn’t want to. who knows maybe tonight.

it might be week end but when work has to be done, it has to be done. I spent the morning watering all my plants. I hand carried a two gallon watering can from my rain barrels to the plants. I got ripped off on the pump I bought at a garage sale. the guy assured me it worked. there ought to be a law you cant sell stuff at garage sales that don’t work. I planned on pumping the water from the barrels to the plants so I wouldn’t have to hand carry it. oh well. I need the exercise. I don’t know how many watering cans full I carried today. 

I finished the trellises for my cucumbers. they are already starting to climb. I mulched them and watered them. they were drooping but you can see they visibly perked up. my tomatoes are flowering and have some small fruit on them. mary snipped off some basil from our plants. I grow it to make our tomatoes taste better. `

my field garden got weedy. I will till down thru the rows next. a few weeds don’t hurt. some old indians even said it grows good that way. at times when weeds got away in the garden, I still got plenty of corn. I know it don’t ruin the crop. my beans came up earlier, I haven’t seen my crooked neck squash yet. 

the sema seed I started has sprouted. I started some more because I lost some plants to the heat. I will wait for awhile before I transplant them. I am hoping for a good crop. some people don’t realize how much work goes into raising sema. they think they can get a big jar full for a buck.  I don’t grow it to make money. I grow it for my personal use. if I have extra I will share some. I wont give it away for a dollar though. that’s crazy.

overall the things I am growing are doing good. I am pleased with that….



I built the trellises I needed in front of my chicken house finally. the indian beans I planted there are already climbing up them. I added mulch around the bean plants after I weeded the area. i bought 15 bags of mulch for $1.50 each on sale. thanks per cap.

these indian beans are ahead of the ones I planted in my cornfield. I have been watering these plants but my field garden is too big to water. I depend on rain there. old indians didn’t have garden hoses or rain barrels. they relied on nature.

I still need to build a couple more trellises in front of my tool shed. I have cucumbers growing there. I planted sun flowers with them to make them taste better. I will weed and add mulch around them. i used up all the willow poles I cut. i need something else to make trellises with. its too weedy to get at the willows now.

I went to town yesterday. this indian needed to see the bright city lights. I had a gift card from wal marks to spend. it is from scanning my receipts every time I buy something. i get a refund if they cant beat a price. I spent several hundreds of dollars to get $25. we have to buy groceries and supplies anyway. glad I get something back.

I used the card to buy 4 dozen canning jars. I needed small ones. I bought 2 dozen 4 oz ones and 2 dozen 8 oz jelly jars. we have plenty of pint and quart jars. I even found more small jars at a garage sale. I got almost 20 of them cheap. I am hoping my Anaheim peppers grow. we will can up a couple dozen jars of green chiles for cooking. we froze strawberries we picked to make jam with. that’s what we need so many small jars. 

I went to a small lumber yard while in town. I bought some 1 inch by 2 inch by 8 foot boards. i had to lay the back seat down to fit them in my rav4. I will use them to make a trellise in front of my shed. my cucumbers will climb up it. it will be a structure i will reuse every year. it should be sturdy enough. i try my best to recycle things while big corporations destroy our planet. 

while in town i hit a few garage sales. that’s how i found the canning jars. i also bought Andrew a training bike for $5. i couldn’t pass on that deal. it has training wheels on it. i think it is time for him to try a bike. i go pick the boys up today. i didn’t find any other real good buys. i look for bargains. 

we have been very lucky at bingo this week. that’s why i went to town. someone texted me and said i was spotted on wanamaker but didn’t wave. i said this indian don’t know anybody when he got money in his pocket. it don’t take long to spend so i have to spend wisely. 

i watched the show jayhawkers i recorded. it is the story of wilt chamberlain while he was going to k u. the commentators kept saying how shocking it was to see how black people were treated back then. like it is a thing of the past. i am shocked we still have open racism. in congress the good ol’ boys are going to cut my medicare i worked for all my life. their reason is because the present health care plan was passed by a black man. rich people are taxed to help pay for it. they cant have that. then they get free health care paid for by us. racism nah……


it was samuels birthday this past weekend. we took him to the trampoline place. Andrew said that’s where Samuel wanted to go. I thought it was more like Andrew wanting to go there. we had fun.

while in topeekie I filled up my gas tank at sams club. it was $1.98 a gallon. I usually buy at nation station but I was in town and my tank was near empty. I can live with these gas prices. makes me think road trip.

I went to a casino up north this past sunday. they were giving away $25 free play for fathers day. I had to go check that out. I played a while and won $10 more in free play. I ended up breaking even but I played awhile and got my juice.

while at the casino I had a niece and two nephews come up to me to say hello. they wished me happy fathers day. i liked that. even up north I am still uncle to many. I like having lotsa relatives. I can go anywhere and have someone to talk to. I seen other indians there. free play draws the crowd. it got me off the rez. 

we don’t have the heat they have in the southwest. I seen phoenix hit 118 degrees yesterday. we are a little cooler than that at temps in the 90s. I found a big trash bag full of straw I bought for my dog house last winter. it was in my tool shed. it was left over and taking up room so I added it to my grow boxes. in this heat I want to conserve my water. suppose to mulch the raised beds anyway. it helps cut down on weeds too. i am hoping my grow boxes will produce something. I already had radishes and cabbages from them. I can pick onions whenever I need them. 

I see some are starting to cut hay. I am glad they are near here. I noticed our hay field has thistles in it. the renters supposed to keep them down. its their cows that eat the hay. I remember when they used to take any improvements to indian land like fencing, spraying etc  out of the indians share of the rent. indians only got a fraction of the worth but had to pay for improvements. it don’t do any good to spray for thistles on your land if the surrounding tracts have thistles. this is the case here. they spread from across the road. the thistles have seeded out, so it will be a big problem next year too. 

we needed handles on one of our pressure canners. we will need both canners going when we start canning things to be put away for winter. if I don’t grow it, I will buy it in bulk from farmers markets. I ordered the handles from on line. I hope I aint sounding like a recluse or something. I notice I buy from online more often. the schwans guy even stopped here trying to sell me stuff. I like clicking a few buttons then wait for what I ordered to be delivered to my front door. beats the hell out of driving to town, which is 30 miles or so away. 

my next chore is to get my trellises built. I have to pace myself in this heat. slow but sure eh. I will get it done. when I need a break i can come inside to the a/c. I already have the willow poles cut. the indian beans in front of my chicken house are sending out runners. they need something to climb up. I will add mulch there before I put the trellis up. my supply of indian beans is running low. I gotta replenish my supply. I better start before the heat gets bad.


I finally got my yard mowed. I fixed the loose belt on my mower. it was easy as slipping it over the wheel. there is no tension on it until it is engaged. I was glad of that since i am no shade tree mechanic.

calling the sears people takes too long and costs too much. I called them once already and it would be 3 weeks before they could get here. I fixed it myself by guessing at the solution. they are sure nice when you buying though. they jump to show you what they have for sale. they are slower and not as nice when it comes to servicing something you bought from them. 

I had to beat the heat. work when it isn’t so hot. I got done mowing in the early morning. I had my cheap head phones on and was jamming to my music. by the afternoon it was too hot. I had to change my sweat soaked shirt a couple of times from being outside.

I haven’t had a chance to plant my crooked neck squash so I did yesterday. it didn’t take me that long. I am glad I didn’t give away all my seed. newbie gardeners don’t understand the concept of saving seed yet. they will learn if they want to be real gardeners. it really isnt that late to plant squash. I would like the frost to hit it to make it sweeter. then I will dry it. 

I have six rows of crooked neck squash growing amongst my corn rows now. it rained last night after I planted it. that’s why I hurried to do it. it should germinate this week sometime. I noticed my indian beans coming up in my corn too. they are looking good.

the heat we had zapped a few of the sema plants I put out. I thought it would be alright by transplanting them before a rain and keep watering them. normally that works. not with the heat we had. I couldn’t predict it would be that hot. with the heat index its been in the 100s a few days after I transplanted. not good for delicate plants. 

I lost a few plants but should still get a crop from the plants that made it. I don’t try to grow enough to supply the whole rez. I try to have enough for my use and my families use. I do share with some friends and relatives. I did reseed before the rain. I never give up. 

I weeded my grow boxes. I raked up some of the grass I mowed and used it as mulch in the boxes. gotta conserve the water. I use rain from my barrels to water the boxes with. I also use a water hose sometimes when I am in a hurry. I don’t like using water from the tap though. sometimes you can smell the chemicals in it.

I cut some willow poles that grow in my ditch in front of the house. I will use them to make a trellise in front of my chicken house and tool shed. I have indian beans growing there also and I have some cucumbers. they are started to vine out now and need something to climb up. I will get that done this week. there is always work to be done.  


…….I went to see a few people that don’t like me, just for the chilly reception I knew I would get. but seriously folks it is hot. the tv guy said with the heat index it is like 106 degrees. it was so hot that I only hit a few garage sales when I went to town. the good stuff was probably already gone. the temps tomorrow are suppose to be the same. 

I took my per cap to town today. or as the rednecks call it my “indian money”. it hit my bank yesterday. i dont rush to town because it all gets spent anyway. there is no need for animosity over it, it don’t last long. my run to town became an expensive trip. I went to sears to pay on my riding mower. that was a good chunk of my check. now I only owe $300. then that mower will be mine. 

I went to the meat locker and bought a mixed bundle of pork and beef. I threw in a few packages of their bacon on top of that bundle. I like the meat from there because it is raised without the chemicals that are in store bought meat. the meat tastes better too. I can walk to my freezer and pull out a steak or pork chop. when I am broke, I can say ‘steak again?’

I stopped by the feed store. had to get chicken feed. I wasn’t too surprised to see that the cost of feed went up. they used to joke about how cheap something was by comparing it to the cost of  ‘chicken feed’. it aint cheap any more. the feed store used to give a senior or military discount depending on what day it was. now they dont. I gotta have my fresh eggs daily. my chicken’s egg production is slightly down. maybe cuz I sold a few and butchered a few. I am getting about 8 eggs a day now. enough for me and I can sell a few dozen a week. that helps offset the cost of feed.

since I got my old folks check and my per cap I may buy those air filters the oil change guys said I need. I can get them for a third of their cost at an auto parts store. I can put them in myself. I will have the auto parts people check the filters. I will believe them if they say I need them. or can I? gotta take care of my 10 year old car. it has to last a while. funny that young kids drive newer cars than I do. but then they haven’t seen half the places I have. 

I didn’t have to but I bought my grandsons some more fidget spinners. totally unnecessary.  they have fun with them. little boys should get to be little boys. I let them play. there will be plenty of time for them to grow up later. 

I buy a few things I need and a few I don’t then my per cap gone. i don’t know what else I want. my wants are pretty basic. I dont wish for too many things. I try to own my possessions. i dont want them to own me. I grew up with nothing. I don’t understand how what we have today isn’t enough for some of our people. gotta appreciate what you got. 

pictured is a beaded bingo dauber. I traded a kiddie drum for it. I may be the only old guy at bingo who got a beaded dauber. I doubt anyone else wants one. I used to have one. I beaded it myself. I made one for my mother too. don’t know what happened to that one. I don’t bead often. my eyesight aint as good as it was. I tell people I see what I want to see, and hear what I want to hear. that comes with age I guess. 

had my every three months doctor appointment yesterday. my blood pressure was 120 over 70 and my blood sugar was 7.1.  hell yeah. I am healthy enough to hang in there a while longer. 


I have been getting over a summer cold. it aint summer yet and maybe it wasnt a cold. might have been a flu. whatever it is, I am slowly getting over being sick. I stayed in bed a day or so. I was tired. now I am better.

I haven’t been doing anything since I was sick. I did take the grandsons to the zoo on monday. the world famous zoo don’t have that many animals to see. the elephants weren’t on view in the morning. we were told to make sure to see the tigers because they are heading out to Tennessee or somewhere. Samuel didn’t want to see the apes. so we skipped that. we fed the ducks, petted the goats, watched the bears then it was time to go. kids are easy to please. wish more adults were like that. 

at times, it costs to let things grow naturally. I had to pull the cabbages up. they had these little green worms starting to eat them up. at first I noticed a few holes in some of the bigger leaves. next they started eating everything. rather than lose all of them I pulled the ones that were ready. i tossed the ones that weren’t ready into the compost pile. I turned the ground over. 

I planted sweet potatoes in those now empty boxes. my plant in the kitchen was still turning out more slips to plant. couldn’t let them go to waste.  cant have too many sweet potatoes, especially since I am not suppose to eat too many white potatoes. I didn’t know that until I found out I was diabetic. it has something to do with converting that starch into sugar. now I will eat more sweet potatoes. 

I wake up this morning to the sound of a light rain. I was happy my corn is getting watered. I noticed the indian beans I planted had come up. this rain will give them a good growth boost. I was listening to it drizzle when I got a text from my sisters to meet them for a cheap breakfast at the casino. I was on my way in no time. I thought it was funny to eat there because I raise chickens for fresh eggs. 

I took advantage of having a rain by transplanting my sema plants. it is best to move them when it is overcast. too much heat can zap them. I watered them even though it rained. the temps are in the 70s right now. it has been in the 90s. more rain is possible the next few days. that’s the best time to transplant. it took me awhile to get all the plants I started from seed into the rows I made. 

been reading while I was sick. one of the guys on that trail of death retracing has a few books out. I bought one and he gave me another as a gift. I read the first and am almost thru with the other. I usually only read books when I am flying somewhere. these two are about potawatomis. that is an interest of mine. I have read everything that I could get my hands on concerning potawatomis. done that for bout 50 years. still learning though. its kinda amazing how some of our people don’t know our history. gotta educate yourself. history books don’t tell our story. 

my retirement check hit the bank today. tomorrow is per cap. maybe this indian will go to town………….


temperatures are going to be in the nineties this week. just the way i like it. it wont be as hot as it will be later this summer. it will be hot enough to make some people whine though. don’t want to hear them when it gets real hot.

i will appreciate my central air. this country injun got some modern conveniences. I grew up without a/c but don’t see any sense in surviving without it now.

the warmth will be good for my garden. most of my crops are warm weather crops that thrive on heat. peppers, beans, cukes, melons, squash and corn.  

it was cool enough to work outside this evening. gotta work when it aint in the 90s. I weeded my raised beds. the composted manure I added to them has sticker plants coming up from it. they have to be pulled often. 

I pulled all my radishes. I had two kinds of them, one was called a breakfast radish. i think they were the first things I ate from my garden. I had my fill of them. they are too woody and hot tasting now. they also started to seed out. the two boxes they were in, looked overgrown. I tossed them into my compost pile. there are still carrots growing in those boxes. I will let them continue to grow and will eat them later. 

my grow boxes are close enough to the outside faucet that I used a hose to water them. I bought a spray nozzle with different setting on it from a little mist up to a full spray. I also hand carried a 2 gallon watering can I filled from the rain barrels. I added fish emulsion to the rain water to give the plants a growth boost. I use the rain water to water my dogs and chickens also. I have to keep their water dishes full in this coming heat. I filled up the 5 gallon buckets half buried next to my tomato plants. I keep them watered too. 

sometime this week I have to mow my yard. first I have to fix the belt. it came loose last time I used it. I hope it is a simple fix. should be. I bought these stands that I can drive my riding mower up on. I got them at a garage sale for twenty bucks. I use them to change the blades on my mower. I will use them to elevate the mower up enough to adjust the belts. sometimes I find good deals for things I eventually need. most of my per cap is going toward paying off this new mower. 

while I was at sugar creek someone brought me another snapping turtle. they put it in a barrel I keep just for turtles. now I have two of them to clean. i probably will do that this week. that wont take long. I will make a fire outside and heat my water in a tub. I bought that tub at a flea market just for that purpose. I have used it already to clean turtles. 

speaking of sugar creek….I picked up a few passengers from there. one of the men said to check for ticks. I found some real small ones on me when I got home. I had a few bites on me. lucky for me, tick bites haven’t affected me. I hear of others that have problems from them. I heard mosquitos buzzing around down there too but didn’t get bit. again, lucky me. 

don’t know what this week will bring, but I am ready for it. 


i got home yesterday and fell asleep for a few hours. i camped out with a group at  sugar creek. they completed the retracing the potawatomi trail of death that occurred in 1838. it was a forced march of the potawatomi that lived in indiana in those days. they were known as menominis band. armed soldiers escorted his people along the way. at this time it was government policy to forcibly remove indians from their homelands to open it up for white settlement. sugar creek is where that group of potawatomi ended up at. there were over 800 of them. at the end of each day, they would bury any that died. over 40 died along the way. that is why it is called the trail of death. 

i met a couple of this group on the retracing of that march nine years ago. one of them asked me if i could meet with this group. they were from different faith groups, some were seminary students, a couple were teachers. they were interested in what happened to the potawatomi after the forced march. i joined them at the camp. 

i met them at the gate of the memorial park. we walked down from there. one of the group drove my car so i could walk with the group. i did. after that they read all the names and ages on the crosses in a field where the dead were buried. some were 80, 90 and 100 years old. some were days old. one lived only one day. they were the ones that died over the ten years they were at sugar creek. over 600 of them. i said this was more tragic than the 40 that died on the trail, not to diminish their deaths. after each name was read some one would pour some water out for that person. i thought it was something that someone would do this in remembrance of those that died a long away from their homelands. 

we walked around the premises. i had been here twice before. once on the retracing of the march nine years ago. another time i went there to put sema down. this time i knew the layout of the grounds. we went to a well that was dug in 1836. it predated the arrival of the potawatomi. before the arrivals of potawatomis to Kansas, often scouting parties came to see the layout of the land. 

i had supper with this group. after we ate i started a camp fire. we sat around and talked. i was asked to give a presentation. i said it has taken me 65 years to learn what i knew and that only scratches the surface. there was no way to teach all that in one sitting. they understood that. i hit on general points. they were open to learning anything. they asked me questions about things they were interested in. i answered the best i could. we had a good time visiting around the camp fire.

i told the group i came down there because i wanted to smoke my pipe with the spirits of those that died there. i had ancestors on that original forced march too.  they liked that. by the time we were done visiting, someone mentioned they were tired. most agreed. so everyone went to their tent. earlier one of the men helped me set my tent up. i went to lay down on my air mattress. i layed there for a few hours. my brain wouldn’t shut off. too many things kept running thru my mind. maybe the spirits of the souls buried there were around too. i didn’t get much sleep that night. i woke up a few times. i kinda wondered how it would be to sleep there. were those souls at rest?

next morning i woke up early even though i didn’t sleep much. one of the drivers had to take someone to the Kansas city airport.  that left one car for ten people. i was volunteered to drive four of the group in my car. i had to take them to Rossville where lunch was waiting at the citizen band complex. they had a tour scheduled after lunch. i said i had to get home. i was tired. i got sleepy on the way. i just got home and lay on the couch and fell asleep for a couple of hours. i went to bed early last night in spite of the long nap. i was tired. today i feel better.

i have to take my dogs to get their rabies shot and a flea dip. after that i go pick up the grandsons in Lawrence.



today is joe Mitchell’s birthday. I wanna wish him a happy birthday. I am proud to call him my son. he grew up to be a good man. 

I got up early yesterday and put on my coffee. I sat drinking my coffee and wondered what am I gonna do today. I decided nothing. I took the day off. I am caught up on much of the work I have around here. 

it is not like me to do nothing. no doubt there is plenty to do. it isn’t often I can just kick back. i even work on some weekends when I have to. yesterday I did a little binge tv  watching. I will watch a series on Netflix every now and then. it was a nice day off. 

I tried setting up the pump I bought at a garage sale. it didn’t work. that’s $20 down the drain. oh well it aint the first time I have been ripped off. I will still look for another pump to use on my rain barrels. 

tomorrow I am going to meet a group at sugar creek. they are retracing the route of the potawatomi trail of death. this is in preparation for the next retracing in about a year from now. it is held every 5 years. I was on one retracing. that is when I met one of the ones on this retracing of the march. I may camp out with this group one night. they are interested in visiting with a potawatomi. guess I qualify for that. 

I may be back in the roach making business. I answered a request for a roach. I haven’t made one in awhile. I have some porcupine hair sorted. it wouldn’t take long for me to make a roach. I am waiting on the response to my price quote. I told the lady if she wasn’t pleased with the roach I will make for her to return it for a refund. I stand by my work. I was gonna wait til I had all the hair sorted but think now I will fill orders as I get them. I bought up porcupine hair for the past decade so that roach making would fill my time in retirement.

I will start sorting hair again now that I have my garden in. that will takes months to do all the pounds of porky hair I accumulated. as least I can do that when I feel like it. I work at my own pace. I can always get something done. I have to laugh cuz I get requests to sell the long hair I have. yeah, I buy hair for over 400 a pound then take all the long hair out and sell it. I wonder if they think I am that dumb. 

I know I have to get used to people asking me for the “indian price”. I seen stands at two of the bigger pow wows that sell out of roaches every year. these stands are run by non natives. no one questions their price. they lay the money down. I think my roaches are better than some of the ones I seen. some think because I am indian I am suppose to sell cheaper. I wont even get into the payment thing. too many people owe me money for roaches I sold them over the years. when they owe me, usually they avoid me like I did something wrong. I know what I am getting into when I get back to making roaches. 

gotta get busy after taking off yesterday………….