elite eight

k u made it to another elite eight. i think they have been there more elite 8s than anyone since 2002. we can get to the tourney every year. we currently have the record for most consecutive appearances. i am happy we have a good team to follow.

i think we will beat duke tomorrow. we owe them for some losses we suffered at their hands. this time they wont win. the experts will be proven wrong again. we haven’t played our best game yet maybe our team is saving it for duke. when we play our game no one can beat us.

k state plays today. i found myself cheering for them against Kentucky. i will pull for them again. hope my fellow Jayhawk fans can forgive me.  i am not a k state fan at all. just pulling for the big 12 league to do good. it would be nice to have 3 of our teams in the final four. we won the toughest league in the country but still cant get the respect that teams from back east get.

i haven’t worked on roaches much with the tourney going on. yesterday i had to clean my car port. need to get at my tools. cant work if i cant find them. i am going to build some boxes in the chicken house. the chickens will lay eggs in them. i have some already but i want better ones. i have some pine boards i will use to build them.

i was amused at our president saying he could beat up a 75 year old man. i would put my money on biden. i have seen many bullies go down after someone called them. they get away with bullying people because no one challenges them. trump is getting away with whatever he wants because our government lets him.

its the same way in our indian world. some get away with everything because no one can do anything about it. it don’t bother some that they screwing their own people. well some weren’t indian until the money gave them some pride. eventually they all go down.

i sent off for some loose feathers from the wild life dept. i haven’t heard back from them. they send a postcard that i am on the list. most likely i will get that post card this week. then the wait for the feathers begins.

somebody brought me a couple of deer hides this past winter. they were dried. i put them in one of my rain barrels. it filled with rainwater. in a few days i will be able to work them. i have a few hand drum frames i will put them on. that’s more work for me. i always stay busy. gotta get to work before basketball games start.


my coat done

i got my Hudson bay coat yesterday. probably wont get a chance to wear it this year. gotta shorten the sleeves anyway. maybe add some pockets for an iPhone. not even sure where i will wear it. maybe i will sell or trade it.

i heard the guy that played ‘smiles a lot’ in dances with wolves was at the Denver March  pow wow several years ago. he was wearing a coat like this one.  i doubt i get confused with him.

speaking of Denver march. that is this weekend. i wont be heading out for it. i will head to Denver later when it warms up. i want to soak in the hot springs and go gamble in the hills. might even camp out and go hiking.  i would also like to hit the mile high flea market. like i need more junk.

i am in somewhat of a dilemma when i watch the k state-Kentucky game tonight. do i cheer for k state? i don’t like Kentucky at all. the same holds true for k state. maybe, just maybe, i will pull for k state. Kentucky gets so many blue chip recruits that they should win the national championship every year. they don’t but no one rags on them like they do KU.

i am only watching that game because KU’s aint on til tomorrow. i am sure we will win. i went to topeekie yesterday. i stopped in at the meat locker. i bought a meat bundle. i also got a rack of spare ribs for the game. gonna put them in crockpot a few hours then grill them. this indian will be all over dem ribs.

i went to bingo last night. didn’t win. reminds me of the old joke ‘how do you get an old lady to say the f word’— yell bingo. that also applied to me last night because i was cussing. i needed one more number in six games. cant get any closer than that without winning.

my wild onions are about ready to be picked soon. i want some fresh wild onion gravy. i will dry some onions for the coming year. i like to cook with them. the wild onions took over in front of my house where my grow boxes are.  i transplanted many of them in the ditch by my mailbox. i need to transplant more. i want to clear out my planting beds.

gotta get some work before basketball games start.


vernal equinox

today is the astronomical first day of spring.  or the vernal equinox, when the day and night hours are about equal. supposedly you can stand an egg on end. same with a broomstick. i tried standing the egg up. it didn’t work for me.

i didn’t make it to chichen itza to see the shadow on the pyramid look like a snake descending the stairs. or is it ascending. i wont know because i wasn’t there when the sun came up. i have climbed the pyramid there before on some vacation.

i am still happy my blood sugar was 6.8 on my last lab test. i continue to hit the tread mill. cant let up because i had one favorable lab result. when it warms up i will walk on the paved road near my house. my dogs like to go with mary and me.

i still haven’t found any used boards to build more grow boxes. i look on craigslist and on auction websites. no luck so far. i am patient. i will wait til i find a good deal. i do have a few pallets in the back i could take apart. i thought that was alittle more labor intensive than i wanted.  i can make a couple of grow boxes out of them.

KU plays on Friday. that is a ways off. i like their chances. i think they will win this game and against Duke.  i might watch k state play Kentucky on Thursday. they don’t know how to act in the ncaa. usually they in the NIT tourney this time of year. or plowing.

i am taking my time on my latest roach. i have sorted hair for it. i almost have enough to start tying the hair. i already made the base for it. it don’t take long once i get started. i have the routine down. i have been taking breaks to read my book. i am almost finished reading it. i will order comeys book after i am done with it.

i was asked if i was gonna run for council. i said i don’t think i could handle all that weight gain or the extra marital sex.

tourney time

i wait for this time of year. it is ncaa tourney time. i have followed the KU jayhawks for almost 50 years. i used to listen to their games on the radio when i was in high school. they only televised a few games a year back then.

i have watched every game i can this year. i even went to a couple of games at allen field house.  i had confidence we would win both games in this tournament. it seems like the announcers never like KU. that’s alright most of them are idiots anyway. their picks are no more informed than the rest of us. their brackets are shot too. some picked Virginia all the way.

i am still holding onto my betting slip from vegas. KU needs to win 4 more games and i win $320. hell yeah. i like that my favorite team has a shot at it every year. too many teams cant say that. today i guess i might pull for k state and west Virginia so we can have 4 Big 12 teams in the Sweet 16. i never pull for k state. i will cheer if they get beat too.

i had an oil change on my rav4. i had that done at the place where i bought my tires.  the oil change was $40. they rotated my tires for free. good deal. i liked that they just changed my oil and rotated my tires. they didn’t try to convince me i needed a transmission flush or pull my air filters to show i badly needed new ones. i was in and out of there in 25 minutes. i only had time to read a chapter or two of my book.

my rav4 is good to go now. it has over 215,000 miles on it. i might be like old man andy. he drove the same pick up for 30 years or something. i will drive my rav4 til it drops. i paid it off with my retirement money. i haven’t had a car payment for about a year and a half. i don’t care that teenagers drive newer cars than mine. maybe they will say old man eddie joe still driving that old rav4.

at least i got a car. i remember when not many had cars. you had to pay someone with a car to take you to town. many used to walk too. some would walk barefooted and carry their shoes. they would put them on when they got to town. when indians got money they would say ‘now we can change the coffee grounds’. some indians today never would have made it in them days.

i probably will work on my roaches again today. i spend a few hours a day on that. i work when i feel like it even if its a week end. i will work while watching tournament games.


go fly a kite

the grand sons are at mishos house again. next week is spring break so they will be here all week.  i will have to work around them doing my roaches.

Andrew wanted to fly his kite when he got here. there was enough breeze to keep the kite up in the air. Samuel’s kite wasn’t put together. he wanted his turn to fly the kite. next time he will have his own.

don’t know what ever happened to the no call list. i still get too many calls from numbers i don’t know. i don’t bother to answer a call from someone that aint in my directory. they never leave a message. gotta be spam. sometimes though people give my number out to anyone without asking me. that would be common courtesy. i would get the strangest of calls. now i don’t even deal with them.

i have deactivated my facebook account. i got tired of it. i was told someone was trying to get into contact with me on there. it was someone i worked with in traditional foods. i said to send her my email address. so far i haven’t heard from her. i am thinking perhaps a speaking gig is in my future. only thing i can think of.

they are having the per cap flea market at the old bingo hall. mary has a stand there. we are getting rid of our blue rays and dvds. they take up space. we can watch most of those movies on Netflix or amazon prime. i sold my trump white house book. we are getting rid of other stuff too. probably some of that came from garage sales or auctions we went to.

i bought another book. it is called Russian roulette. i read when i cant work on roaches or entertain the grand kids.

i said i wouldn’t fill out a ncaa tourney bracket. ended up i did. i picked KU to go all the way, as i do every year. what a surprise. they won their first game. wasn’t pretty but all they had to do was win and move on. they saving their best game for later.

i may be jumping the gun but i scattered some carrot, cilantro and radish seeds in one of my raised beds. if they don’t come up, so what. i already had the seeds. i can reseed later if they don’t. if they come up i got an early start. its worth the gamble to me. i notice my wild onions are coming up. i am anxious for gardening to start.

gotta work on roaches now.


no gotum hair

i had planned on buying some porcupine hair with my per cap. when i was working i could save up and buy big quantities of hair when i could afford it. now that i am retired i have to wait til i get a big score like per cap or gambling winnings to purchase a bigger lot of hair.

i have a good supply of hair on hand. i am not really in the market to buy more. i can make roaches for the next few years with the hair i have stockpiled.  i still get offers from trappers to buy their porky hair. if i get a good deal or the hair is good i will take it. some guy told me he had hair that was from 7 to 14 inches long.  i had to see if i could get some of that primo hair.

i made him an offer to buy two pounds of it.  he emailed me back and said he sold it to someone else for a higher price. curses, foiled again. i can understand that. business is business. you sell it for the higher price. from my side i try to get as a good price as i can get. never the twain shall meet. this guy had sold me 21 ounces thru a friend of his.

i only buy hair because i need it for my art.  i am an artist not a business. i cant afford to outbid others. that’s why i don’t go to auctions sites like ebay for hair. the fur dealers and indian craft supply places can pay more then up the price to make their profit. that makes it is out of my price range. i try to save money by buying direct from trappers to cut out the middle man. i told this guy i didn’t know he was playing me off and he could have given me a chance to make a counter offer. he emailed back and said he might have 10 ounces left.  i said send me a picture of it. who knows.

another guy said he gets porcupines every year and was looking for a buyer. i said i pay by check. he asked if i could pay by the internet. i guess pay pal or something. i passed. the people i have done business with have no problem with taking my check. i can afford to pick and choose who i do business with. i don’t trust people that don’t trust me.

i got back from my every three months lab tests. got good news. my blood sugar was 6.8.  under 7 is what you shoot for. hell yeah, i will take that. my tryna eat right and exercise is paying off. maybe i can make the last item on my bucket list. that is to be a crabby old man.

gotta get busy on my next roach. i worked 7 hours yesterday. i am retired but still work almost everyday. sometimes on weekends.

tournament time

the ncaa mens basketball tournament starts this week. i  anxiously wait for this time every year. i pull for the KU jayhawks to win it all. i will wear my new $75 devonte graham jersey while watching our games.

i probably wont fill any bracket out this time nor will i run any pools.  i have never won any pool i ever got in.  i think it is just pure luck to win a pool. like most of the tv announcers i don’t know a damn thing about most teams. i only follow the jayhawks. i go to a few games at allen field house every year.

i do have $20 bet on KU to win it all. if they win at 15-1 odds,  i win $320. that includes my $20 bet back too. my son placed that bet while in vegas. it is one of the few places you can legally place bets on the tourney. if i win i would have to go to vegas to collect my winnings. or have someone heading there pick them up for me. someone is always heading to vegas. besides eating, indians like to gamble.

today is commodity buffalo day. mary went over and got us a roast. we will cook that sometime. i have made corn soup with buffalo roast a time or two.

this is per cap week. mine might be gone. i am waiting to hear from the trapper that has 7 to 14 inch hair. i told him i would buy a coupla pounds of it. i know i have a pile of hair but i want the long hair. i will make all my roaches with double rows of hair in front. i think they look so much better that a single row. i made them with single rows out of respect to the man that taught me how to make roaches. i made them the way he showed me.  he is gone now so i can adapt to what is wanted now.

i got a card in the mail telling me i have to renew my drivers license. my birthday is coming up in a few months. i will renew it before then. last time i did, it was for 6 years i think. i wont have to do that again for a few years.

no grandkids today. i will work on sorting hair again. that is a never ending chore. gotta get busy.

more basketball

got a day of more basketball. today is Andrews last game in Lawrence. he plays in the kindergarten league.  i will support him by going to see him play his last game of the season.

after that game  mary, william and the boys will head to Hutchinson to watch the girls 3A state basketball championship. the royal valley girls are playing in that game. there are a number of indian girls on royal valleys team. my son has been going to their games and was texting us the scores to keep us informed.

royal valley don’t go to state very often. they used to in cross country, track and wrestling but not basketball or football.  i think because they were in class 4A. the town north of us has over 5000 people in it. Mayetta and Hoyt combined don’t have 1000. that town had more athletes to choose from.

i will watch my favorite team at 5.  KU is in the big 12 championship game against west Virginia. they beat them twice this year. that hardly matters in this game. it could be any ones’ game. we are without our starting center but have won two games without him. i don’t give up on our team. i think they will win again.

i have been sorting hair for my next roach. i spent about 13 hours the past two days doing that. i have lotsa hair i bought over the years. i used to think i had about 15 pounds of it accumulated. i may have more than that. i can make roaches as long as i want without buying more.

having said that, another trapper contacted me about porcupine hair. he said he had hair that was 7 to 14 inches long. i am interested because of the length. don’t get hair like that very often. i know i have piles of hair but i want more long hair because i will make all my roaches double rowed from now on.

that same trapper wanted to know if i wanted quills. i said i would be interested if i got a good price. i might try doing some quillwork. i get asked if i want quills now and then. i usually pass. maybe i need to start buying them. the trappers already have the porcupine. they want to be able to sell whatever they can off them.

i will sort more hair while watching the KU game. i work whenever i feel like it. it keeps me busy.

watching too much news

while i work, i either listen to music or turn on the tv.  it is mainly for background to break the monotony of doing the same thing over and over.  i like to be informed so i watch national news a lot. i am thinking maybe too much. some of it is funny, some not. it is getting bad when you believe a porn actress over the president.

i can see parallels between the present national government and ours in Indian country. occasionally we get leaders that are worthless. once we get them we are stuck with them no matter how bad they are. there is nothing we can do about it.  some get away with whatever they can until enough people finally figure out not to re-elect them. we have to ride the storm out until it gets better.

today KU plays in the big 12 basketball tournament. i will watch as i always do. they need to start peaking for the big ncaa tourney coming up. they cant afford to go into any game not ready.  it is too easy to be beat if you aren’t at the top of your game. when that happens ku fans start the old ‘wait til next year’ spiel.

i went to bingo last night because i haven’t been there for some time. must be getting old when bingo is a night out. i felt i was due. sho nuff,  i won the first game. its nice to get some coin that hits the bottom of my pocket.

i ordered two kites off the internet. hope our mailman don’t think i am a recluse.  it is convenient to order something and have it delivered to my doorstep. i had to order two kites so there wouldn’t be any fights over one. its good we didn’t fly the kites the past few days. it was windy as a politician. over a few days it was anywhere from 20 to 50 mile an hour winds. that would have torn a kite up.

i will buy some chicks this spring. some of the chickens i have will still lay eggs a few more years. some wont. i want some that will lay next year. then i wont have any drop off. i have a few old hens that need to be cleaned. this is probably their last year to lay. i will butcher a few of the new chicks for meat. i like to have chicken and noodles. i would rather raise my own chickens than buy them from the store.

gonna dye some deer tails red today while watching big 12 tourney. that will be the color of my next roach.

cutting out moccasins

i finished my 7th roach. it is wrapped up getting shaped right now. i am pleased with it. i am ready to start another one real soon.

i didn’t start this morning however. my sister came over  for breakfast and to show us how to cut out moccasins. she makes them all the time. she showed us a simple style.

mary and i want to make a pair for the grandsons before spring dance . i imagine they will go thru many pairs in their life so we need to know how to make them.  i haven’t made any before but mary has.

i  am willing to learn a new art. gotta see if you can teach an old indian new tricks. i don’t care to sew. i had to know how to in my bachelor days. i remember a pair of dungarees i had in my hippie days. they were covered with patches. i also have to sew the bases for my roaches. and i have to sew the rows of porcupine hair and deer tail trim to the bases. that takes me the longest to do on roaches.

my grand daughter came over to spend the day too. don’t know if i am willing to have porcupine hair piled up. i don’t think she would mess with it but who knows. i will dye some deer tails and rug yarn this afternoon when she takes a nap. that will be the start of my next roach. i will alternate between roach making and moccasin making.

i went out to feed the dogs and chickens without a jacket or sweater. its a little cold and the wind is blowing.  we have a little snow coming down. i guess winter isn’t ready to leave yet. we need the moisture in the ground for our gardens.

i noticed that little soldier creek hasn’t been running for several years. it will after a big rain. once that passes though it don’t run. i wonder why. as long as i can remember the creek has always ran. maybe not during extended droughts. hope nobody up the creek is damming the water.

gotta get busy.