One of my porcupine hair roaches

This is one of my porcupine hair roach head dresses that I made. It is 24″  long with white deer tail trim on the inside and outside. It is made with a yarn base. I can make them any size and most of the primary colors. I can’t do neon colors like someone asked me. I don’t have those dyes.  I spend alot of  time sorting the porcupine hair. I like the porky hair to be all black with color on the tips. The deer tail trim covers the bottoms. Each roach then ends up with the color of the trim then black then the tips in solid color. I sort the hair so that it gradually flows. I like the roaches to be symmetrical. I dont have jagged lines. It should look appealing. It is an important part of a dancers outfit. I make sure that the hair bounces when the dancer moves. Movement in the roach is important. The roach shouldn’t distract from the overall appearance of the dancer. It should compliment a dancers outfit.

made for a guy in colorado
made for a guy in colorado

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  2. manuel,
    that particular roach went for $600 usd. i can make them any size and for various prices. i guarantee them. if you arent satisfied send it back. i will give a fulll refund. let me know what you are interested in.

  3. I live right down the road in Lawrence and am in need of a new roach, I’d like a 24″ like the one above, just plain white, but very thick in the front, I dance grass so I’d like to have a thick roach that moves good. How much would you charge for a double rowed, with an extra row of guard hair in the front for thickness roughly 9-10″ in the front?

  4. hello iam a traditional/prarie chicken dancer and im trying to find the right person to amke my roach. from your picture and description it sounds like your the guy. i want a 20 inch roach thats mainly red, with 7 or 5 sections of color pattern in between. the colors i want would be white,yellow,orange,black,orange,yellow,white. hopefully you can understand what i mean. how much would you charge for it, and how long would the wait be?

  5. Hi there u do beautiful work. I am very interested in having u make a small roach with red color. I need it for a festival in early sept. I live in san Francisco California. Please let me know if this will be possible and how much it will cost. I am very serious. Please email me at
    Thanks so much for your quick reaponse.

  6. Hey Eddie
    Do you have a roach pre-made for sale? I need one for burningman.
    Please email me if yo do. I can wire you the money or via western union. thanks so much Ariel

  7. i happen to have a 20 inch one that has deertail trim that is yellow in front and white the rest of the way. it is a good roach. i can let that one go for 400.

  8. hi there. i am in need of a roach, what i am looking for is a 24″ roach with white deer hair just like the one pictured but more full in front. how much would you charge and how long would it take you to make??

  9. darryl not sure if i have enough long hair at the moment. making a roach only takes me like three days. less if i am pressed, but rushing one takes something away from it.

  10. Hello,

    I am looking for a roach at a reasonable price for my son. He is only a toddler. I am looking for maybe a 12 inch roach, or atleast one that he could grow into. Please let me know what you would charge and then we can maybe go from there.



  11. 250 is reasonable for my quality work. but indians dont like to buy from indians. they prefer to buy from non native dealers. i get inquiries all the time and quote a price then never hear from them again.

  12. Thank you for your response. 250 is by far the best price I have received for a munchkin roach. Sorry it took me forever to reply, I haven’t been able to find time to get on the internet so much lately. I will most likely be going with your quote, that is once I come up with the frog skins to pay for it…HA! Thanks Eddie

  13. keri, i make the best roaches for that price too. i go one step further. i guarantee my work. if for any reason you dont like it simply return it as is and i will refund your money.

  14. hey. Im lookin for a plain white roach like the one shown. probally 21″. I need one a soon as possible let me know how much. Times these days are tough and im looking for a cheap one.

  15. Hey, sorry to bother you with non-business related questions, but i was just wondering if you knew any tricks to taking care of roaches besides simply wrapping them up. I just received a really nice one and want to keep it for a long time to come. Any pointers would be much appreciated!
    Julian N

  16. no problem julian. one trick is to lightly mist the roach with a spray bottle of water before you wrap it. it helps shape the hair better pretty much the way a spit curl works. and buy a comb to use. always comb the roach out when you take it out of the wrapping. it splays the hair out evenly. and comb the deer tail trim too to straighten it out. if you can buy a roach stick made of cedar it protects the hair from bugs etc.

  17. Hello,
    My name is Mike Alloway Sr. From the Forest County Potawatomi tribe of upper Wisconsin. My son is looking for a roach like the kansas city chiefs. but with a regular blue n the outside and a regular colored pink with white inside. he was wondering if u had any longer porky hair such as a 10-12″?

  18. I am looking for a roach for a little boy. He’s two years old but the size of a 3 or 4 year old. Would love one with a little color in it especially if it had red. Let me know asap. Thanks, B

  19. bonnie dont know what size you want, maybe a 14 inch one. it could be worn for a few years. can do any color. can do it for $275 but will take awhile. i have a day job

  20. I’m in the process of making my third roach. I have to sons who dance, and I only make them for our personal use. The one I’m making now is for a friend of mine who asked me to do it for him. I have a question for you, because you seem to have a lot of experience in this field. I’ve always wetted the roach, combed it out, and put it on a roach stick and ace-wrapped it. Is there a better way to straighten the hair? What would happen if you used a flat iron or a regular iron just on the tips once you’ve got the row tied?? Would that damage the hair??

  21. teresa i use the same method of wetting the hair then tying with ace bandage. i have never tried using an iron. i dont know if that would hurt it or not. maybe it might not then but who knows what the long term effect would be. i would hate to ruin some good hair. i do know that if i get hair that is curled over when i buy it i can fix it. i wet the hair, put it on a dowel pin or straight stick, wrap string around it, straightening it as i go especially the bent part. i let that dry for a time. after i unwrap it the hair is straightened out. i buy hair by the pound and i always get some that are bent over.

  22. im a chicken dancer looking for a new roach, if anyone can make me one ill pay a good price for a new one or a used one. im looking for a 20 – 24 inch long roach with thick 10 – 12 inch front contact me at skate_flip9608 hotmail com

  23. I was wondering if you had any other ready made for sale right now. I am looking for a roach for my husband, all red maybe 22-24 inches long. Could you email me and let me know what that would run and what you payment options are please

  24. wendy donty have a red one now but could do one for $850. it will be worth every penny of that and more. you can return it if you dont like it. as far as payments, i really dont do that. many people around the country still owe me money even they took the roach. best deal i can make is save your money and when you have it all contact me.

  25. Eddie, what I meant by payments was do you like, check, money order paypal, did you need 1/2 upfront 1/2 when its done, or all in advance.

  26. also Robert was wondering if you had a close up where the hair meets the base from the top side and bottom views. I think your price is very good..

  27. wendy not sure of what kind of picture you want but can take a few and send them to you. a money order would be fine when it is done. i will notify you.

  28. hey eddie this is tilden. if u need help with your orders. i can help you out. i have 3 on me now. it will take me 3 days to finish because i work also. on weekend it will take me day and half. let me know

  29. Oki! I am in need of a roach for my oldest son. Looking for mostly red with maybe orange and yellow. It would need to be no smaller than 16 inches. Can you help me or direct me to someone who can?

  30. would like a 24 inch base with 10 inch long pocupine hair in front and 7.5 in back. Primary deer hair color white with red blue an yellow stripes in front sides and back. let me know if you can do it and how much you want for it.

  31. Eddie, name is Royal, looking for two head roaches for my two sons and i’ll also need one later, how much would it be for my two sons, something they can grow into, this would be their first year pow wow-ing, i use to grassdance an would like to get them into it.

  32. Also, are you able to make roaches out of horse hair?…. i’m navajo, live in Dallas, from arizona….

  33. I seen picture of the roach, the one you made for the guy in Colorado. On ebay, some white guy claimed that he made it and was displaying it as his own. He was selling a piece of trash roach, that he tried to make. Don’t you just hate it when non-natives make things and try to pass them off as Native made. There ought to be a law against this. Anyway I emailed him and said what he was doing was fraud! He sure took it off his ebay site. Ha!

  34. hello eddie joe i do get a lot of porpine during the season and i been looking to sell the guard hair if its possible fill me in how u want it done and and how to ship it to u and what cash value is it. i am new to this site just learning how to use it.

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