at the movies..

went to a movie today. seen ‘gran torino’.  it starred and was directed by clint eastwood. seeing how old he has gotten reminded me of how old i am getting. the guy gets better and better with age. it was a matinee. lotsa of old people there. seems everywhere i go there are old people. at the casino, buffets and matinees. it was a good movie. worth the matinee price of $7.25.   glad i didnt go to the regular price movie for $9.25.  maybe we need to bail out the movie industry too.

i was going to see that movie the first weekend it came out but it was too crowded. i don’t like crowded movies or restaurants. got no problem with a packed allen fieldhouse to see the jayhawks play basketball though. the more packed the better. i like royal and chief games too. but they dont get big crowds. may have something to do with fielding losing teams.

had visitors last night. i showed my sisters how to fix fluffs on my nieces outfit. they are heading to a pow wow this weekend in oklahoma. said i should take off too. i said yeah, but i have to help with a ceremony sunday.

i was reading some other blogs. seen where our brother leonard was transferred. at the new place he was attacked by some other inmates and had some injuries. then he was place in solitary confinement. when are they gonna let up on him? you dont see any information like that in the mainstream media.

seems like people are looking to the new prez for hope. this country needs something new. i believe it was good for us to elect a black president. it is about time. i wonder  how long it will be before we have another. or a woman, or mexican american president. or dare we say an indian president. we already had an indian vice president. he was from this state. i had a history teacher that talked about him. the teacher said curtis worked in congress and had lotsa information about how indians were being cheated out of their land etc. so he was offered the vice presidency as a payoff.  i dont know if this is true. just remember hearing that in school. usually you dont hear anything like that.

all the work on my house is finally finished. i am glad. it made this old house look new again. we spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. i love my home. i appreciate the work that went into it. i got a new 50 year roof. hail damage ruined the old one. the contractors that ‘fixed’ it really ripped the tribe off. they didnt even replace some of the damaged shingles. i built an addition on my house a few years back. they just left those shingles on there. so the roof had 3 different kinds of shingles. and they didnt replace the guttering even though insurance was paid for that. and they left the old t.v. antennae brackets up there. there was no need for them as i have cable. now the roof is good.

the linoleum had 24 years worth of wear on it. it was covered over with a more durable laminate that looks like a tiled floor. it strenghten the floor and made it look better. we had to move all the furniture out of the rooms that got new flooring.  then move it all back. my plumbing is fixed. i am real happy with it. i own this home and will never move again. spent too many years moving around. bumming around. at one time i carried everything i owned in my backpack. those days are behind me. been here so long that the trees i planted are 20 feet high now.

all the work being done on the house kinda disrupted my routine. i still sorted porky hair. done more of my art work. did some writing. working on anutha chapter now. now that the workmen are gone i can get back to my routine.

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