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thats ground hog day in the local native lingo. i think the potawatomi language is a beautiful language. its too bad more people dont understand it. it sounds so good to hear. i had a greeting in potawatomi that i was gonna add to my website but cant seem to get it uploaded. dont know what is wrong with my skillz.  my nephew composed an original song and i did a voice over on it. it really sounds good, sorry i cant get it on here. it displays text identifying it as a greeting but wont play the sound bite. i will continue to try.

i watched the super bowl yesterday. i wasnt really for either team so i got a pool together. any game is more fun to watch if you got a few bucks riding on the outcome. i didnt win the pool. i needed a weird combination of a safety and a touchdown with a missed extra point or something. didnt work out that way. i wasnt disappointed as the cardinal fans.

they make a big deal out of the overpriced commercials. i use them as a chance to grab another piece of chicken. i seen a commercial last week that grabbed my attention. i think it was red bull. it had that running bear song in the back ground. it told the story of ‘brown bear’ and ‘little white dove’. they lived across the canyon from each other and just couldnt connect. i didnt run out and buy a case of red bull but i liked the injun theme. i dont need to be that hyped up.

i went to some of the sites that featured my old website. they still list that old site. i told them i wasnt affiliated with it anymore and asked if they would change the url to my new site. some opportunist glommed on to my old domain name cuz i had lotsa traffic to that site. hope the sites will change that for me. one site allowed me to change it immediately. good deal.

i even went to our tribal website and asked to have my site listed in the links. that was a coupla weeks ago. got no answer. usually though the tribe blocks access to blog sites. thats how you know you made it. heaven forbid if anyone is exposed to an alternative point of view. sure wouldnt want anyone to think. or to question. keep them injuns in line.

we didnt get hit with the winter storms other areas of the country got. i took advantage of the nice days and walked. i logged 22 miles during january. not much but a good start for this year. this week will have some days warm enough to walk in. i walk for my health. more indians should walk or do some kind of exercise. a healthy njun lives longer and draws more per caps.

warm weather allowed me to clean out the chimney. it makes the wood stove more efficient, and keeps it from smoking. i was almost done when i had a slight accident. i slipped and fell onto the chimney housing then hit the roof. it knocked me out of wind. and bruised the hell out of my ribs. luckily i didnt roll off the roof. the pain i feel when i fell when i rise reminds me i just cant do the things i used to. thing is i have to do them. i’m glad i aint a candy ass.

i missed at least 4 or 5 jayhawk games this year. they weren’t  aired on the many channels that i  subscribed to. gotta pay extra for the ones that air those games. thats why we in this economic mess we in. everyone trying to bleed you for every dollar they can get. i have been a loyal fan for years and now i dont get to watch some games. tonites game will be on though. i will check that one out. our team will keep getting better and better.

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