a time to harvest…


spent a good part of yesterday picking my crooked necks. i used a wheel barrow to get about a hundred of them to my shed. i left about 30 smaller ones in the garden. will get them later. this was a good growing year for lotsa things. just the right amount of rain and sunshine.

 now i gotta dry these after i get my corn in. when i was young i helped do that. i could braid them like they did but i forgot how to braid them into a mat. we would hang them on a nail on the wall. then break off a piece when we needed some to cook. or put them in an empty flour sack. i will dry enough for 2 years to allow for a bad growing season. what i dont dry i will give away. we use them in our ceremonies, so lotsa people use them.

dont know how long our people been drying corn and pumpkin. guess they had to in the days of no refrigeration or canning. they were smart people to develop methods of preserving food. bet they went hungry too though.

rabbits got my cantaloupes. they were looking good before the gathering. so i got beat to them. thats alright. let them little bunnies fatten up on my vegetables. then i can get them this winter. smoked rabbit will taste good.

speaking of fattening up, i ate at the 3 fires steak house the other nite. my sons were interns at the casino. each intern was allowed two guests.  that was one righteous meal. everything tasted good. i dont eat over there often but i would recommend trying a meal there. i knew most of the servers that waited on us. mostly young homeboys. even had one of them natives grind me some fresh pepper. great service. the chef  came out and talked to us. i told him i ate everything. he replied he liked seeing empty plates.

my tomatoes are ripening. going try canning some. we bought a new pressure cooker. i have a bunch of canning jars. may even try some salsa. my habeneros are turning orange. my freezer is filling up so i have to can somethings.

i got invited to a festival they are having in holton on october 10th. it showcases forgotten arts. my roachmaking is a forgotten art. i often tell people they can drive any direction and take all day before they can find another roachmaker. a little longer to find a good one. the festival is looking for other artists. i can put anyone in touch with the guy in charge. i get to set up a stand and show how my art is done. then i can sell any art if someone wants it. 

now i gotta pick my corn and dry it. that should take all day. then the next few days to dry. i made 5 screens to dry them on. they dry from both sides that way. i will use the screens for my pumpkin too. i will run poles thru the rings and dry them that way. then cut the rest up and spread them on my screens. the garden has kept me busy all summer. now i have more work to save what i can for the coming year.

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