drying corn

cooking-cornbeen drying corn lately. when its ready it has to be done right now. everything else has to wait like drying my crooked necks squash. thing is i was busy with the gathering and helping at a coupla funerals, so some of it became slightly hard. may have to cook it a little longer. the rest of it is okay though. i was fortunate to have lotsa help. my sons helped me pick it and remove the husks from it. my wife and niece helped cook it. we cooked it in a big kettle over a fire. we could do several dozen ears of corn at a time. i had a ceremony to attend to so we waited til next day to spoon  it off the cob. we covered it with the husks we removed and left it under the arbor i made.

it has been a good growing year. we spooned off 10 gallons of corn. it has been drying for the past several days now. it will dry down to about half that amount. it will be ready to store for the winter. i will have enough to last me for awhile. more than likely will use most of it for ceremonies. we also have a big pot of it on thanksgiving and other occasions. we put alot of labor into it so we treat ourselves for that.  

it was cloudy for part of the last few days. that causes some of the corn to having a reddish tint to it. that is no big deal. it still tastes the same. the first batch i put out didnt get the tint to it. it looks good. we save the best for ourselves. we also spooned off 3 gallons and froze it for later. we will make pugna out of it. the corn that was too hard will be seed and i will make some lye corn out of it. i will save the best specimens for seed.

we still have our crooked necks squash to dry. i gave away about 30 of them but still have plenty left. i will still give away more if people want them. we will dry enough to last us for two years. we do that in case we have an off year for growing. we may not have another growing year like we had this year in awhile. if we do then we will be lucky. gotta take what you get. i picked some njun beans. there will be plenty more as most of the pods are still developing. i have 3 different kinds of njun beans. then i have lima and pinto beans. i also have more green beans to pick. we already have 6 gallons of them put away. my tomatoes are starting to ripen. we will can them. my habenero peppers are turning orange now. that will make some real hot sauce.

i started my garden back in april. it took about 4 1/2 months of work to get it to this harvesting season. that includes tilling, planting, weeding, harvesting and storing it. been blessed with so many different vegetables that we put away. everything tastes better because we know that we put our labor into producing it. lots of satisfaction in that. i still have to rig up a smoke house. i will get some of the homeboys to bring me a deer or two so i can make jerky out of it. gotta can and dry everything now that the freezer is full. maybe i can even kick back and rest awhile. got a coupla road trips coming up. will enjoy them since most of the work is done.

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