gi wapkon ke men

dried-pumkin09got my corn dried and put away for the upcoming year. so i started drying my crooked neck squash. i gave away about 50 of them because i knew i would have plenty. so far we have about 18 of them drying. like most njuns i adept to circumstances. i hang some on the clothesline and i have some drying on screens. they benefit from the sun and air drying them at the same time. i used the screens for my corn too. they work great. they are full at the moment so i have to wait til these ones are dry before i dry some more.

i have been busy just trying to keep up with picking all the things that are ripening now. i have had several pickings of  njun beans. i shell them then spread them to dry. i am accumulating a supply of them. i keep picking tomatoes. we will can some. make some salsa with others. maybe i will toss some habenero peppers in a batch for some that is hotter.

my gourds didnt do too well this year. i can see about 5 of them so far, but the vines are still growing. they grew up the front of my tool shed then climbed over onto a cedar tree next to it. they reached the top of it. i have a number of them from last year. some are dipper gourds. i will use one for sweats.

i went to a pow wow up the road last nite. it wasnt very big. they had about 5 stands. i visited with people while i ate some pow wow food. got a little grease back into my diet with that meal. i headed over to the casino after that. dropped a few bucks there. headed home after that. not a real exciting life but it will do.

finally got my computer back. it had some files zapped. my photo program got messed up. my dvd making program had the audio zapped. i lost half my music, bout 2000 songs. people dont intentionally try to mess with my machine. they just dont know what the hell they doing sometime. ignorance is bliss, so they have a good time.  i put a password screen on my computer now. guests can sign in now and do things on the net but cant access my files. shoulda done that long ago. one of lifes lessons.

i was up for a road trip. was gonna down south but the trip got cancelled. oh well. i still have my trip to indiana planned for next month. i am the honored indian there. dont know what that will entail but i am game for it. guess i just gotta be indian or sumthin… will practice on that til then.

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