fish fry


we had a fish fry the other day. we have really been watching what we eat. its not enough to exercise, gotta eat right too. so having fish was the right thing to do. my brother in law and nephews went to several ponds around the rez. it was slow at first but eventually they caught about 35 bass. that filled up a stringer and cooler with fish. they brought them over and cleaned them. we then fried them up and had a good cookout. besides the bass, some one also brought some catfish that was in the freezer. we had a houseful of relatives. we just needed a reason to get together. i have eaten left over bass the last coupla days.

i have been contacting people i met when i was on the retracing of the potawatomi trail of death last year. i will be heading back thru part of  that route on the way to the fulton county trail of courage. it is a festival held september 19th and 20th. i will be the honored indian there this year. i hope to visit with some of the people i met last year.

i will also be there for the 100th anniversary ceremony of the statue of menominee. i was asked to give an invocation. they liked it last year when i was there and gave one in potawatomi. some people up there want to hear the language. it will be the day before the trail of courage festival.

i still am picking beans and tomatoes. my garden is still producing. dont know how long i will get something from it. it has been a good growing year. we have dried, canned and froze many things this year. we have alot put away for the coming year. it should be healthier for us. we know what went into our produce. there are no chemicals in our food. we are trying hard to have a healthy lifestyle. that takes work.

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