out going princess

kish-nobelmy niece’s girl kishno was on t.v. this morning. she is my great niece. she was on to promote the upcoming shawnee county pow wow. she is the out going jr princess there. i got several texts to watch her. so i was up before 7 to tune in the news. i remember one pow wow announcer calling her kish nobell. sounded like the peace prize. pow wow announcers usually butcher the potawatomi language. i will probably take in at a  day of the pow wow this weekend. i bought a sweat lodge drum frame there last year for 10 bucks. i covered it with a buffalo hide. i may take some pictures and get some more video.

been busy lately and kinda neglected my walking. i am back on pace again. i have lost about 15 pounds. that is good for a guy my age. or anybodys age. this evening when i walked i looked for the beaver that were by the bridge i walk over. i havent seen them in several weeks. last time was before the gathering. hope they are okay. maybe they moved up creek or sumthin.

one down side to my trying to eat right and exercise is that i started smoking cigars again. i know that i shouldnt. but smoking a cheap cigar is one of lifes pleasures for this njun. the upside is that i heard my daughter is going to spain and portugal. i already put in an order for a coupla cubans. that is one fine smoke.

our tribe has a glasses program. some call them commodity glasses. i am eligible for new lenses and frames this month. so i will go get a new pair. i had this last pair for two years. then i will score me some ray bans per cap time. thought i better take advantage of this program before they cut it. most programs are getting cut. we make more money but get less services seems like. some do well though.

last week was r crumbs birthday. i told my sons that. one asked who’s r crumb. yeah really. he was a cartoonist back in the sixties. most remember the artwork on one of janis’ albums. big brother. that is crumbs work. i have an old comic book collection from my hippie days. it is all the old dope comix. some are r crumbs comix, the checkered demon, the furry  freak brothers, wonder wart hog, zippy the pinhead.  all kinds of them old hippie comixs. i got bout 60 of them. dont know why the hell i hold on to them.

this evening after my walk my wife and i picked half a bushel of tomatoes. there are still more green ones still ripening. we have canned over 5 gallons of them so far. salsa, hot sauce and tomatoes. i put my habenero peppers in the hot sauce. that sauce will make you talk migo. i still got more crooked necks to dry. got 18 of them done but want more. i have njun beans still growing too. lots of them. cant beat the taste of anything that you grow yourself. i keep saying this has been the best growing year we had in a long time.

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