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mishan-battingi went to the softball game at the 3rd cluster again last night. i  go to support my sons. i also visited with my daughter who showed up to watch her brothers.   i doubt this rez has too much parental involvement.  got other kin on most of the teams in the league. i ended up cheering for both teams. our team got beat by an inch. so goes it. the sun still rose this morning. i am up for a game again next wednesday. the teams could use a little more support. not many fans show up for this rez league. there is nothing wrong with encouraging our people to play together and get along.

i am ready for k u’s home opener in football this saturday. i already have the tickets waiting for me at the will call window. i want to show up early cuz they got a free t shirt promotion. i went to alot of ku football games over the years. we didnt have too many winning teams to cheer for. things have changed. our team is ranked in the first poll.

i picked a bushel of njuns beans the other day. that took awhile to pick that many. i have that many still maturing. thing with beans is that when they are ready you have to pick them. if not they pop open to drop the seed on the ground. survival instinct. gotta get them before this happens. i still have other njun beans growing up my cornstalks. i should get plenty of these ones too. beans can be dried then stored. no need to can or freeze them. them old injuns used to say not everyone can grow njun beans. like all living things they have a spirit in them. gotta be good to it.

my chickens must be molting. not getting many eggs as i was. still have enough for breakfast, though the doc says they arent good for me. i think it is the processed eggs that are bad. i know what goes into my chickens. i had a coupla possums that were trying to get my birds. konugish took care of that problem. no more possums.

i am trying to score me some wild rice. my supply is dwindling. i go thru as much of it as i can get. got a connection up north that is looking for some for me. last year was an off year. this year is not much better according to some that live in rice country. i will buy commercial grown rice if i cant get wild rice. sure would rather have wild tho.

gotta head to town….

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