pow wow n football

150px-University_of_Kansas_Jayhawk_logo_svgwill head by the pow wow before heading to lawrence for ku’s home opener in football. the game is sold out. kick off is at 6 this evening. that gives me time to check out the stands at the pow wow. i talked to a flint napper there last year. i got some of his discarded pieces to make fire with.

i heard they had over 400 reported cases of swine flu at ku. so does that mean i have to wear a mask to the game tonite? i have to think about a blog my son told me about. some guy wrote that people are so afraid of swine flu that they wear masks.  millions of people have aids but people wont wear a condum.

i read an interesting article the other day. a columnist said according to a study that texting makes a driver 8 times more likely to have an accident. some one that is talking on a cell phone is 4 times more likely to get into an accident. that is the same rate as a drunk driver. and our lawmakers are considering outlawing texting and cell phone usage while driving two years from now. yeah two years. or some want the law to just apply to teenagers. like adults wont smash into someone. i seen plenty of dumbasses on the road that do both. they are dangerous to others. outlawing that has my vote.

indians are so trusting that they lost most of their land. in my business i am called on to trust people now and then. you cant go thru life mistrusting everyone. some guy at the gathering wanted one of my roaches. he said it matched his outfit perfectly. he wanted it bad(violin music here) but said he only had enough money to get home on. he asked if i would take 200 for that 400 dollar roach. i knew it was worth more. the guy wanted it bad. so i told him i would split the difference. i would take the 200 and trust him to send me 100 when he got home. he said “you would trust me”. i said yeah. its been over a month now and still no bucks. i called his cell and got his answering machine. left messages. still nada. must be one of lifes lessons here. dont know why indians do that to other indians. i know this guy will look good with my roach on. over the years i have been ripped off many times. lotsa dancers wear one of my roaches that they owe me some money on. i quit making roaches many times cuz i got tired  people taking advantage of my good nature. i wont become mistrusting because of a few. i am naive enough to still think this guy will send me what he owes me. my roaches are worth more than what i ask for. the deal is built in. the non native dealers charge alot more and no one questions their prices. they simply put the money on the table. wish it was that way with the artists that make the craft. i quit selling to dealers cuz  they ony pay half of what the roach is worth. i do so many ceremonies a year that i cant do a regular 8-5 gig. i get by on my artwork. wish people would be kinder to native artists.

seen an ad on tv promoting donut holes. if they so good why not just leave them in? its all about promotion i guess.

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