long weekend

at da ku gamei enjoyed going to ku’s football opener yesterday with my sons. the stadium was packed, they said it was the largest crowd ever. we got there early and scored a free t shirt. i picked up my tickets at the will call window. as we entered the stadium one of the attendants asked me to remove my hat. guess he was checking  to ensure i wasnt smuggling anything under it. while he was checking to make sure i got nothing illegal under it, several eminem look alikes walked by with hats on. surely it was the way i was wearing my hat, no doubt. kinda like when i am at the airport, i am randomly searched evry time. after we went in we bought large cokes to have a souvenir cup to keep. thing is we were on the wrong side of the stadium. so we went around to the other side. there anutha attendant made us toss our cups in the trash. their own cups are illegal. wtf. i didnt let peoples pettiness spoil my day. hell i live on the rez. i am use to petty shit. i enjoy life too much. things only get you down when you let them. i had a great time at the game with my sons.

before i went to lawrence for the game i stopped at the pow wow by shawnee lake. had a good time there as well. i took alot of pictures and visited with many people i know. i checked out the stands and bought some deer toes to make some rattles for my outfit i will wear at fulton county when they honor me. my sisters told me they will try to make it there to see them honor me. i am glad some of my family will be there. most are busy. a friend of mine said its about time someone honored me for all that i do for our people. i felt good he said that.

when i left the pow wow i got stopped for speeding. i was courteous to the officer. he ran my plate and said it was expired. i said no i got a new sticker on it. i didnt have the insurance card but showed him it was on the registration form and valid til december.  he told me he was gonna give me a break and just gave me a warning. i thanked him and told him to have a good day. he is just a man trying to do a thankless job. i would have had to pay double fine for holiday weekend and my insurance would have gone up. he was a good man.

my sunday morning ritual is to read the paper and check my lottery picks. i seen a picture of a dark indian on the front page. it was my brother randy. he started dancing. i may have to show him some of my moves.

i seen an article the other day about a rehab place. it is for people that are addicted to the internet. too much facebook, gaming or myspace. the cost is outrageous. guess i gotta live with my internet addiction. it is my window to the world. this morning i chatted with one of my homeboys, sock while on facebook. he is stationed in the middle east. i told him to read my blog.

my spam blocker has blocked over 6,800 spam so far. if it werent for spam i wouldnt get comments. i am glad to hear from people. i only had one in yer face comment. so thats good. thing is if someone dont like what i write they dont have to read it. blogs are opinions of the writer. no one is forced to agree with everything expressed in blogs. there are over 70 million blogs. i dont people agree with everything said in them. i only read the ones i want to read. thats freedom.

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