not indoctrinated…

m_f4a050975543879d3f0953d299aade30lets see the president plans a speech to address school kids. parents threaten to pull their kids out of school so they wont be “indoctrinated” by his speech. a vocal minority call the president a nazi or a socialist. no one every questioned listening to dubya’s speeches. we talking about the president of the united states giving an address here. what was his message? to tell kids to set goals and meet them, to stay in school. talk about an over reaction. i tell my kids the same thing. i havent heard them say i was indoctrinating them. or that i was a socialist.

i voted for the president. an overwhelming majority of americans did. he won by a landslide. everyone wanted a change from the previous administration. now to hear a vocal minority no one wants our president to do his job. i dont envy him. he has a tough job to do. when someone says they want to help the average american citizen, that is called socialism. when previous presidents helped the rich, that was patriotism. figure that out. i doubt anyone can fix the problems that face this country overnight. it took years to get where we are at today. it may take years to ever recover from this.

electing a black president was a right step for this country. it shows that most people in this country arent racist. thats good. we all in this together like it or not.  there are still pockets of racism left in spite of all that. we had a state representative give a speech calling for a ”great white hope” to unseat obama. she clarified that by  saying she meant the great stars in the gop. yeah. it took this long to elect a black president. it will take more years before we elect another one. people wanted a change. change takes time. are we hiding behind labels like socialism to hide an underlying racism. no matter what color the president is, he has an uphill battle to face. we gotta support him. no one criticized the last president, ask the dixie chicks. we didnt have a choice with the last one. we had to go along with what ever he did. we fought wars because the war machine needed to make its profit. we wanted to keep our people safe from someone half a world away. now we dont want to help the people in this country. we can bail out the rich but dont want to help those that cant afford health care.

i am not up on my politics. i dont understand alot of all this. i dont go along with getting a rope before we ever give the president a chance. we are still the best country in the world. lets hope that he keeps us that way. government is our problem but it is also our solution. i say lets ride this out and see what happens. impeding every step is not a solution. democrats and republicans are both part of the problem. they have to work together to help this country. thats why we elect them. maybe they have lost sight of that. lets hope…

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