back on da rez..

got back late monday night from last road trip. was too tired to do anything but sleep when i got home.  seems we make  a short drive into an adventure. we had to pass by 3 indian casinos that last day. i usually stop and eat at them. i buy gas from them too. if you gotta eat and buy gas then why not support indian business.  gas at sloan was 2.40 a gallon. that is the cheapest i seen in a 2,300 mile trip. the highest i paid was 2.93 a gallon out in the middle of nowhere. (nope that wasnt kansas, there are places even more desolate).

i left last wednesday at noon so we could put some miles behind us.  we stopped at some tourist trap in central kansas called rock city. didnt find any guitar owned by hendrix.  instead it was a pile of rocks left when kansas was under a great sea. i took a few pictures and hit the road. we drove 9 hours the first day. so we made it to thermopolis to soak in the hot springs the next day.  i have only been there once before but i would rank it as one of the best hot springs. at least it is in my top three. it cost 10 bucks to soak so i got my moneys worth. i went into the steam room 4 times and the sauna twice. i would get a good sweat going then go soak and cool off. then i would start over. i felt real invigorated after an hour and a half at the hot springs. i felt 5 years younger.

we made it to crow fair on friday morning. in time to watch one of the parades. they dress up in their finest and even deck out their horses. i caught two parades over the weekend.  the first night they had crow dances. i hadnt seen them so i taped some. we camped at my sister in laws campsite. it is wall to wall indians, tipis, tents, horses and cars there. you are lucky to get a place to park or camp. its good we were guests at a camp. everyone visited back and forth. they shared meals with everyone in the camp also.

i went to the rodeo to watch indians dressed up like cowboys. i hadnt been to a rodeo in years. i kinda enjoyed it. they had a horse races too. i bet a few bucks on them. i did win one pool. didnt make enough to cover my losses but it was fun betting on the horses. it was kinda neat that there were so many horses everywhere at the fair. the camp we stayed at had a corral of horses. mary got on one but i passed. even little kids rode horses.

they announced it was 107 degrees at the rodeo. the pow wow grounds guy said it was 104. either way it was the hottest day of the year. it didnt feel hot to me though. i am used to the kansas heat with all the humidity we have. i guess it rained after we left. we missed that. i enjoyed my time at the crow fair. i have never been there before. the place was packed. it was hard to find a place to sit. the dances went late into the night. i didnt see too many contests because i didnt stay up late enough to watch them. i did catch the chicken dance special. i taped part of it but my view wasnt that good. too many people.

we drove thru pine ridge and rosebud rezzes on the way back. had to hit the casinos. at big bats before we ate some kid came up to us and asked if we wanted to buy  a coupla bracelets made with quill work. he made them. i bought both because they were a good deal. might use one as a giveaway. the last time we were there some kid sold us a ring for 5 bucks. we listened to the indian radio stations as we went thru. they played a variety of music. even talked indian at times.  i stopped and gambled at 7 different indian casinos on the trip. i won more times than i lost. may have ended up about a hundred bucks ahead. that made it a fun trip. have a bunch of pictures to edit now. ………