things are the same all over..

on my last road trip i passed thru 6 different rezzes. kinda had to. thats where the casinos are. the locals usually know you aint from there.  some indians will just check you out. others will talk. they want to know ‘where you from’.  conversation begins there. dont take too long before you start hearing of how things are. with indians you can almost finish each others sentences. indians have it the same all over. that sounds like a cheech and chong movie. ‘cept it aint funny.

some rezs have it worst than others. some have higher suicide rates. others have higher rates of alcoholism and drug use. some have more health problems such as over 50% rates of diabetes. social problems tend to be swept under the rug and an ‘look at what we got’ attitude is taken. one thing indians have in common is that they  all have problems. at most places the fort system works the same. it benefits the ones running it the most. at the expense of the rest of the tribe. most tribes complain of the politicians they elect. or rather allow to get elected. it is rare for any tribe to even get 40% of their eligible voters to vote. so a minority usually elects their officials that control the money etc.  wonder why we dont learn from each other.

an old adage says those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. that is fitting in most indian tribes. tribes keep electing the same kind of  officials and hiring the same kind of administrators. and keep getting the same kind of results.  the ones that are most vocal get what they want.  raise hell and you get your way. be polite and follow the rules and you get nothing. or are put on a supposed list that someone will eventually get to.

you can stop in at any rez and hear the same thing……