summer is winding down..

i spent all last week trying to get back into the routine. i enjoyed the getaway i had the other week. i am still thinking about some of the things i experienced. i really thought it was something that tribe still spoke its language. the camp crier went around at daybreak making announcements in their language. the pow wow emcee also spoke indian most of the time. i assume most understood as they didnt bother to interpret what was said.  i heard it spoken as i walked around camp. i was impressed. i asked a local how to say ‘good day’ in their language. he told me. i had to have it repeated several times to pick it up. i wanted to greet someone there in their language.

speaking of language. i was talking to an older lady i have known all of my life at the senior site. she mentioned that once she helped at a function in k.c. where she had to recite the rosary in potawatomi. that caught my interest. i asked her to say few lines so i could hear her speak. she did. it sounded good. i told her so. she said she had the our father and hail mary prayer written down. she told me she would give me a copy of it. i thanked her. i am a recovering catholic. still get the willies thinking of boarding school. i am interested in the language part of it.

i havent worn my t shirt i scored on my last trip. the writing on it says ‘teepee creepers’. it is from the 2 mile walk i went on. i havent been logging my miles the past month because of the heat. i have gone on the walks they have at the pow wows i went to though.  i stop while i am on a long drive and get out and walk. i dont like sitting down very long. i bought another t shirt where i soaked in the hot springs. it says ‘hot as hellies’ then lists where the spring is located. will wear that tee also.

this week i will give a demonstration on how to make lye corn. gotta work with a coupla tribal programs. some tribal members are interested in how it is done. i am  not an expert at it. i am just lucky enough to know how it is done.  many of our people dont know how to do things like dry corn and pumpkin or make lye corn. those skills are being left by the wayside by some. others still do them so it is being carried on. will dry some pumpkins too if any are ready.

gotta get ready to head out the door. i have to punch a clock everyday…….