see you in september

i didnt get that copy of prayers in potawatomi yet. i am sure the lady i know will get it. she told me she put it in an envelope but forgot it at home. just gotta wait. then yesterday my cousin told me my aunt was giving me a book that was owned by my other aunt. she gave it to me. i was suprised to see it was an old prayer book in potawatomi that was published in 1866. it was done by a jesuit priest that worked among the potawatomi. the book is in amazing condition. it has some finger smudges on it but the paper is in great shape. it is not translated. probably have to work on that.

i am getting flooded with new user registrations on my website. it is spammers. they sign up as users then unload spam. good thing i have control over any comments before they are printed. so i just delete the spam and the new users. i hope i am not deleting subscribers that want to read my blog. i have a few loyal readers but i dont have that many readers. just a small website.

i am putting on a cooking demonstration this thursday morning at the language house. it will be on how to make lye corn. or hominy as most know it. this is as part of my job. i may even dry some pumpkins. or squash really. they will video tape me as i demonstrate that. sounds like fun. my job requires that i do a certain amount of teaching traditional skills. that should do it.

speaking of teaching. i have been offered a speaking gig in kansas city. there are some potawatomi there that want me to speak to their group. this will happen some time next month or so. they said i can talk about what ever i  want. just as long as i teach them something. i have heard so much in my life that i can tell them something. they even going have eats. good deal.

i want to go to the big flea market  they have labor day weekend up the road in sparks. i have gone that a few times. i look for things i can turn into art. or tools i can use. i am not lucky like the people on antiques roadshow on tv. they buy something cheap and it is worth alot more.  i probably would be like some that have something appraised thinking it is worth alot. its kinda funny to see their looks of disappointment when they are told it is worth nothing. that would be my luck. i know what i buy is just junk though. no treasures in my stuff.

looking forward to the three day weekend….

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  1. Just seen where you gave a demonstration on making Hominy and it was videod. Who video it? do you know where I can get me a copy? I have tried several years to make me some hominy sometimes with ash sometimes with baking soda. I never mastered it yet I ate what I made so it didnt kill nobody but I wouldnt bragg to nobody

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