enjoying a 3 day week end by just relaxing. i did make it to the flea market in sparks yesterday. got there late afternoon. i walked for 3 hours but didnt get to see all the stands. my feet and lower back starting aching.  i had to be satisfied with what i bought. i bought 7 old wood baseball bats for 3 bucks apiece. a dealer asked me what i was going to use them for. i said i use them to wrap head dresses with. next question- whats a head dress. had to give a brief description then head on. i dont like to be rude to people that are curious about our culture.  cant spend too much time at one stand. even at flea markets they sell old wood bats for too much. calling a broken bat an antique is a stretch.  the rip off supply houses sell what they call a roach stick for 5 bucks. thats the figure i go by. i try to buy everything under it. once at a garage sale i asked a guy that did wood working on a lathe what he would charge me. he said 15 dollars. too much for me. i try to keep my expenses down. i  bought some rug yarn at the flea market. it is also hard to find. just on ebay and they sell it way too high for me. they add on shipping charges which doubles the price.

the other day i had a lye corn making demonstration at the language house. that was fun. the whole process took all day.  the language program video taped it. i am drying the lye corn now.  there were 6 of us there. we visited all daywhile working. we talked about things that happened during our lifetimes. that covered a lot of topics-language, religion and history. everyone had  different viewpoints. i still have to do a demo on drying crooked necks. i stopped at the senior garden and the crooked necks are about  ready to be picked. i still have my own corn field to take care of. probably will make lye corn with it. too late to dry it, besides i have a few gallons left from last year.

i have some rawhide soaking. gonna use it to make a few hand drums out of the frames i bought recently. hopefully i will get some deer hides this winter. i still have an elk hide that is salted. will have to get to that sometime.  i stocked up on hand drum frames. may even buy some more per cap time. next i have to get some green hickory to make drum sticks out of. there is always something to do.

i was watching tv the other day. it showed a scene of people at the fountain of trevi in rome. i was there once. local lore says it is good luck to throw a coin into it. so i did. then i seen people doing that but they were throwing the coin over their shoulder with their back to the fountain. i thought damn…no one told me that. i wasnt gonna fish out my coin and do it again. and i was out of the funny money i was carrying around. musta got good luck tho. i made it back to the rez safe.

i bought a dvd about r crumb. he is an artist that did underground comix back in the sixties. i have about 60 of those comix. i havent read them in years. i just wanted to learn more of the artists’ life. he was a strange dude. but those were strange times. then like now the more people try to be different the more they are the same. every generation thinks they are inventing the wheel. they just doing what others already did.

gotta meet some people for dinner in topeekie….

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