i filled up my propane tank the other week. (no the tribe didnt pay for mine, i did). the guy from the gas company said i should replace the meter thing on the tank since it was 25 years old. he said the new ones were safer. in case of a gas leak it shuts the gas off outside so it dissipates into the air instead of inside the house. i thought yeah sounds plausible to me. so i gave my okay to install it. the guy said i had a leak. we turned off in turn the cook stove, gas heater then the furnace/central air unit. thru process of elimination we discovered it was the furnace. the guy put a soapy solution on the gas connection and it bubbled up. he turn the connecting nut with his fingers and said theres your problem. it just needed to be tighten. thing is the unit is only two years old and we never mess with it. it must have been loose since it was installed when i got a housing grant. we have had a fire in our woodstove every winter. we are lucky we didnt blow the house up. the gas guy said the company that installed the unit should have check to insure there were no leaks. i said since i paid over 6 thou for the unit, i would hope so. the 70 dollar part paid for itself. it shows  that we have no leaks now and will shut off in the future if that happens.

i noticed the billboard on the highway as you leave the casino has been changed. it now reads ‘thanks for voting us best casino for 13 years in a row.’ thats better. it used to read ‘many happy returns’. that was lame. i thought it was a gene autry tune or something. i still think we should include some brown people in our advertising. we had a homegirl  on one billboard but it has been replaced. they used to have some indians, including my son joe on an old tv ad a while back. i thought it was neat to see indians on tv. some of joes classmates thought he was an actor doing commercials.  the new ad got no indians. tribal casinos are still referred to as ‘indian casinos’, they should reflect that. show some pride in being indian.

single game k u basketball tickets go on sale monday. i am planning on buying me some. i try to go to a game every year. i forgive the hawks for choking on us last tournament. time to move on. the early games are exhibition games with small schools. i will pass on those. the game i would like to see is the ucla game in december. let the team gel first and play a name program. that should be a good game. 

tomorrow we are planning another nature hike. we will meet at the boys and girls club at ten. then decide what route to take. will see what effect if any the weather will have. dont have what to pack for lunch.  i need to log some miles. my totals this year are way off from previous years. gotta keep walking for my health. ithink more people should be doing more exercising. its one thing we can do for ourselves. that and a proper diet. sounds easy but it is not. i see that.

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