the word ‘whatever’ was voted the most annoying, over used word of 2010. whatever. well yeah it is a bit annoying. if we sit back and think about it there are other things that are annoying and overused. for instance the little gesture made with the fingers to indicate a quote. thats annoying.

i work with a guy that constantly tries to tell me what to do. he aint my boss. i dont listen to him. just act like i do. he hasnt figured it out yet that i am not listening. yet he continues to tell me what to do. thats annoying.

when i am sitting at a slot machine sometimes people stop and watch me play.  i know they have nothing to do with me winning or losing. but when i am losing i dont like someone standing there watching me. thats annoying.

i am on a no call list. some 800 numbers continue to call me in spite of that. if i dont make a donation to the worthy causes doesnt make me uncaring.  i support plenty of worthy causes. i get tired of calls around dinner time. thats annoying.

every time the tribe takes a day off (and there are plenty of them) they send an email making sure contract workers arent getting paid. thats annoying. its not like they are trying to scam the tribe. seems that if the bosses really had any power other than sending memos they would make everyone work for what they get. i responded to the email saying it was unfair to contract workers. i got no reply but word was sent ‘down’ to me. thats annoying. if i am a hell raiser i can get people in power to do anything because they cave in to ones they are afraid of. but if i as a tribal member raise a valid question they wont respond to me directly. in a round about way i was told to be ‘ a good little indian’. whatever.

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