fall time

we have been having our fall dance. so now it is officially fall. i enjoy being at our big dance. it is good to get together to sing and dance. we are so fortunate in that we have ceremonies. so many others have lost their ways. its too bad that alot of our people dont realize what we have. some only go to ceremonies when they need help. then we never see them again til the next time.

a friend of mine came to visit. she used to work at leonards defense committee. she said that they transferred him to a  place in florida. i guess it is a pretty rugged place. they never let up with him. i think about the times i used to go in to sweat with our bros behind the walls.  i still think about them.

found out some people i know been having health problems. seems there is enough sickness to go around for every family. we probably need to be more proactive with our health. there is something to the old adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. we definitely would be better off if we had proper diet and exercise. and we still havent learned we gotta leave the booze, dope and cigarettes alone.

we are planning another ‘take a hike’. it will be in two weeks or so. we will camp too.  i have gone on them for the past two years. they are so much fun. kids and adults get together for an all day hike through the timber and across cricks and fields. everyone packs a lunch which everyone shares. at camp outs we cook our meals on a fire that we keep going. last year we have people come out to eat supper with us and more came for breakfast the next day. it was a little cold at night but that didnt stop us. i am looking forward to it. i have to search for my hiking boots, air mattress, tent and back pack. they are around here somewhere.

gotta get ready for the last day of dance…..