no holiday this month

no holidays this month. thus no 3 day weekends. they used to take columbo day off. guess it aint politically correct or something so they quit taking it off even though it is a federal holiday. hey we dont have to agree with it, just take the day off. i used to be radical as the next guy but hell a day off is a day off. i rarely miss work so i will take any day off when i get it.

i was asked to do another wedding this month. i have known the couple since they were kids. so i said yeah i will do it. the guy even gave me a gift. its not often that people will give me anything for my time. i got a call from a guy i know. he said he knows someone from guatemala that may call on me to do their wedding too. i havent had time to call him back but probably will do it if they want.

i hadnt had time to put gas in my rezmobile because i was at the dance for 4 days. i was running on empty. i went to nation station after work yesterday to fill up. i was shocked to see the price was at 3.29 a gallon. it is the cheapest i have seen there for a long time. i filled up at that price. i put in 17 gallons. that is the capacity. so i couldnt have gone another mile.

my car aint the only thing running on empty. the dance took alot out of me. i had to do a dance as part of the ceremony. i got  winded after a few times around the ring. i was breathing hard for awhile.  i really felt like a fort injun. i better lay off the greasy fried stuff that indians love so much. i better lose some weight. i was worried about my knee holding up for the dance. it has been bothering me for two months now. i hurt it working in the gardens i take care of.  musta pulled something in my knee. i have to wrap it since it is not healing. i have to do all the work in two gardens by myself. i am getting a bit old to be doing that much physical labor. i aint as young as i used to be. i will be retiring in a few years but still aint considered an elder by some.

now and then when i am playing at the casino someone will ask for money. i always say no. i only have enough money for me to gamble on. i dont take extra to hand out to people that have tapped out. hell if they are broke they ought to go home. or if they are broke then stay home.  last time i was at the casino some dude i know asked me for a ride. i said i just got there and didnt know how long i would be there. if i caught any action i might be playing for a few hours. he said oh. then he told me he dropped a hundred bucks. i thought shoulda saved 5 bucks to pay someone for a ride. if you can afford to gamble you can afford to pay for your own way. a few only want a free ride.

i plan on going to the next general council meeting. i thought that it was this month. checked out the tribal website and couldnt find the date. the last meeting was cancelled because there was no quorum. so i will go this time in hopes of adding to the numbers so it will have a quorum. i just want to go listen for some entertainment. i usually hear about some of the things that go on.  occasionally some topics border on being ridiculous. therein lies the entertainment value. many people say that neither of the two sides that go at each other speak for them, i probably fall in that category too.  i dont think it is a question of joining either side. people have to learn to speak for themselves if no one else does. if neither side speaks for people then they should show up in droves and vote down both. use the process to speak. that is what democracy is suppose to be all about.



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