gotta walk now

i will be walking more now. i bought me a treadmill. i have been walking for the past 7 years or so. i stop walking for the same reasons. it gets too hot like this past summer to walk. it is still 100 degrees at 10 o clock at night sometimes. or it gets cold during the winter. or i get home late and i cant walk because it is dark. i wont walk on the road if cars cant see me. now in theory i wont have a excuse not to walk.

i bought the treadmill mainly to get in shape for peru. mary and i made our deposits for a trip at the end of this coming april. we are definitely going now. it will soon be rainy season and we decided to wait for that to end. chances are it might not rain if we took the trip but i didnt want that to factor in after i paid some righteous bucks. part of the trip will be at altitude. one place is at 13,000 ft.  i dont want being built like a fort injun to stop me from enjoying the trip. so now i have motivation to get in shape. my goal is to lose 20 pounds in the next 7 months.  i have walked 2 miles both days that i had the teadmill. mary has too.

delivery and set up was part of the deal when i bought the treadmill. it is also covered by a warranty. i wanted one that will last for years. it is suppose to be their best treadmill. so a couple of days ago two muks brought it. they carried the thing in and assembled it. when they were finished one of them said ‘hey chief we ready for you now.’ i thought “chief” ?  wtf. you in my house and i got my piece nearby. but the guy meant nothing by it. just didnt know any better. the guys were alright. they talked and joked with me.

one of my dogs had pups this past week. both the mother and father dog are red heelers. so the pups are heelers too. looks  like two of the pups are reds and two are blues. i never had any experience with heelers before. now i know they are smart dogs. ko nu gish is bright enough to mess with me and he knows it.

been looking forward to this weekend….