auction and a birthday

i went to an auction this past weekend. i wanted to buy a wood lathe. it was a last minute decision so i got there late and missed bidding on it. i have been wanting to buy one to make sticks to wrap roaches  on. i ended up buying 3 wood bats i will wrap roaches with.  i once asked a wood worker what he would charge me to make these sticks. he said 15 bucks. i walked away on that. i can buy them from the supply houses for $5. so i look for baseball bats at garage sales. i can find them for a buck apiece.

i bought more junk than i wanted at the auction. i didnt bid on a few items i wanted because i didnt want the other stuff with it. you can get a box full of junk for a buck. but then you have to toss the rest of it. people with stores just mark it up and resell. they also drive prices up sometimes. i bought a rug they said was bear. i am not sure if it is a bear rug though.

i went to a birthday party at peoples park yesterday. it was for my nephews son. i logged my two mile walk before i went over there. i figured they would have lotsa eats. they did. i liked anything grilled. so i had hot dogs , burgers and ribs. it no wonder i cant lose weight. i do love good food. must be from remembering the days when i went hungry.  mary took some cookies she made from the paw paws i picked.

no holiday for columbo today. it is a federal holiday but tribe aint taking it off. somebody thought it would be a cute protest or something. in the larger scheme of things no one gives a damn if we dont take the day off or not. it aint like the prejudiced people will treat us any better because of it. sometimes it is our own people that treat us bad. so i protest the protest. i work every day so i can use it off. some get so much time off that they dont need the extra day. some wont work anyway. so what does it matter.

general council coming this weekend. will be there…

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