got a speaking gig

today i have to go to aarp to speak to their diversity council. that sounds like fun. i was asked because someone else couldnt make it. thats the way it always goes. i am rarely the first choice. at any rate i will entertain them for two hours. i wont attempt to speak for all indians. i have read or heard about many that do. hell i dont know what other indians think. i will tell this from my perspective. i can only answer about what i have experienced. i want to illustrate that you cant say all indians are alike. the diversity council wants a brief overview of many aspects of our life. i can give them that.

since i bought my treadmill i have walked 5 out of 6 days. i know eventually i will burn out and slack off. aint worried about that right now though. i am walking as much as i can because i know there will be days when i cant. many times i have to drop whatever i am doing and go do something for someone else.  i am making the time to walk at home. that is real convenient. i hope i am not like that doug heffernan guy on  tv.  there was an episode where he said he would have washboard abs by thanksgiving. it lasted about two days. i have about 6 months to get in shape for peru. i think that is enough motivation for me. indians can do something about their health. eat right and exercise. that costs nothing. sounds easy but aint. if it was easy i wouldnt have this pow wow gut.

we having our ‘take a hike’ this sunday. i am geared up for that. we usually meet somewhere and head out. in the past few years we have walked up to 5 or 6 miles. we walk through fields, over hills and across creeks.  we pack a lunch, which we usually share. sometimes i wonder if i go just for the cool eats that others have. sometimes we have around 30 or so hikers. it is always fun to do.

i see on tv and the internet an interesting fad. it is called a flash mob. thats where people make this concerted effort to show up at a given place at the same time and do the same thing. i thought damn why dont we do that here sometimes. maybe at the general council. everyone show up and when someone makes an outrageous motion we can all stand up and do something equally outrageous……just a thought



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