General(ly the same) Council meeting

i went to the general council meeting yesterday. it wasnt too long before it came back to me why i quit going to them. some of it is very boring. somethings were trivial. it would be redundant to say some of it is redundant. some of it was down right vicious. overall though i give it a thumbs up for entertainment value. i found it amusing.

i thought it ironic that the tribe blocks my blog on its website. at the general council you can say anything you want. and no one says anything. no matter how mean someone gets they are allowed to continue.  some things were taken out of context so badly that they bordered on being an outright lie. i heard one speak that i know totally misrepresented the facts.  sometimes people will believe a lie before they want to deal with the truth. some were presented as victims when in actuality they used the system for their own benefit. under the guise of speaking “for the people” some attack whoever they perceive as having wronged them. they are merely speaking for their own self interest. it has nothing to do with the people. they want to carry out a vendetta.  i thought a few times that some were going to throw down. a couple of old ladies about went at it. you can say anything you want at a general council and get away with it. writing a personal opinion that everyone knows is your opinion aint too cool with the tribe though. figure that one out.

i went so i could vote. i voted no on some things i didnt agree with. that is my perogative. i dont have to be swayed by a mean look from someone in the crowd like i cant vote against it. everyone has a right to vote the way they want. they shouldnt be intimidated to go along with the mob rule mentality. some things were voted down as they should have been.

i left before the meeting was over. i had enough entertainment. someone said they were going to nominate me as a peace keeper. i laughed at that one. you can’t bring about peace with some that wont change their minds for anything. i needed to get home so i could walk my two miles.

today is the “take a hike”. i have looked forward to it all week…….it will be fun.