took a hike

i took a hike sunday. i have been going on them for the past few program is a co-sponsor of them. they are always fun hikes. these hikes are to encourage people to get out and walk. we walk on the rez across indian land. we always pack a lunch and make an all day outing out of it. we walked along big soldier creek. the kids had fun sliding down the creek bank. at another place they were swinging on a vine that was hanging from a big cottonwood tree. we stopped for lunch and made a fire. they roasted hot dogs and hamburgers.  the kids always listen to the adults. they behave themselves. i havent been down this part of the rez for some time. it is nice to go back to areas i havent seen for a while. too much of this rez has changed during my lifetime. its good to see undeveloped areas.

i have been logging miles since i bought my treadmill. i walked 6 miles the first week and 10 miles the next week. already this week i have 7 and a half miles. so i didnt just get the treadmill to hang laundry on. i am determined to lose weight. i have quit smoking the cheap cigars for over a month now. usually there is weight gain associated when you quit smoking. i am really trying to make sure i watch what i eat but that is hard to do.

i found out that the tribes website server filters out content automatically. my site wasnt censored. just a victim of  good protection.  that will be corrected i was told. my blog site/business site is a link on the tribal website. so i was surprised when people told me they couldnt get on to my site from the tribes server. i checked it out and it said ‘blocked by barracuda web filter’. because it contain content belonging to the category of “suspicious sites”.  i didnt have all the facts.  i just went off like i do sometimes if someone aggravates me. so i have to admit i was wrong in saying we live in a fascist state.  sorry. i stand corrected. nice to know we have a good server. i was right though is saying years ago i was censored on the old paper i used to work on.

i have another speaking gig. i will do a presentation at the indigenous foods festival at haskell on saturday. i never write out what i am going to say.  i just get up and speak. i thought my talk at the aarp diversity council went pretty good. they said they enjoyed it. i was asked by one of the men there to come talk to a youth group in wichita soon.

i have been playing with the new ipod i won awhile back. it was a thing sponsored by the language department. i came up with a hundred or two words and phrases. so i won one of the three ipods. i wanted one to study the language with. i will record the things i need to learn and put them on the ipod. my treadmill is ipod compatible. i already tried the system out with some indian music i down loaded. i wanted to see what it sounded like. i could hear it pretty good. so now i will study most of the time i am walking. good deal.

the article about me and the program i work for that was in the last tribal paper will be syndicated in several indian newspapers around the country. i was told i would be famous. hell i dont need famous. but i do want the message about what i do out there. i have devoted alot of years to what i am doing. been preaching this stuff for years. long before this program came along. i will do it the rest of my life. i worked hard to make my program a success.

the temperature is suppose to drop these next few nights. tonight it is suppose to be in the twenties. it will be as cold as an ousted tribal employee at a general council meeting….