at work some of my homeboys are building the storage shed to house the garden equipment.  the tractor and its attachments will be stored inside.  it is thirty feet by twenty four feet.  the concrete work is done. one wall is framed and standing. it is twelve feet high. the roof will be higher.  i think it is alright that our workers will do the entire thing from start to finish. i am glad the work wasnt contracted out. i have known these guys  for years. they are good at what they do. it was neat to see neshnabek doing all the work.

on the flip side of that we see others we are paying that wont do anything to help our people. i wonder why are they even here if they dont want to do anything.

i am speaking at the indigenous food festival tomorrow. it will be held at haskell. i used to be a student there long ago. it was a junior college then. after years of jacking around ( i had my alky head on) i did finally get my a.a. degree in liberal arts from there.  i was into the journalism trip. i was young and idealistic. i thought the best way to tell our story was to tell it ourselves.  i am no longer young but i still try to keep a passion for the things i do. i probably will do a power point presentation. i have lotsa pictures i have taken. it is good to have visuals. i will still get my point across though, even if i didnt have pictures. pictures really are worth a thousand words.

one of my dogs had puppies during fall dance. the pups are alittle over two weeks old. their eyes are open now. these dogs arent mutts. they are pure bred heelers. both of the parents are red heelers. one in the litter is a blue heeler. i hope it has good markings. someone already asked for one of the pups. i will keep the choice of the litter here. heelers are smart animals. they go everywhere with me.

last day of week this week. hope it goes by quickly. i love my weekends.