took a trip

got back from albuquerque new mexico. i went there for a language workshop.  i heard how other tribes are getting concerned about the loss of their languages. i was surprised some of the tribes that i thought had many fluent speakers say they are worried. it isnt just a few that think that. there were 175 participants from 55 tribes all saying the same thing.

they called for a show of hands of who was fluent in their language. over half the room raised their hand. then they asked how many of their children were fluent. the number dropped to about a handful. i dont know how many of our people realize we lost our last fluent speaker here on the rez.

i had to try some southwest cruisine while down there. i had green chile in half the things i ate. i like hot food anyway. they had some that wasnt too hot and some that was kinda. i tried some mutton stew and had some hot pork at the cultural center. i didnt buy any oven bread though. i had some with my meal.

i was all up for a camping trip this weekend. we have been having them the past few years. we never caused or had a problem. they are family get togethers. we have kids, parents and grand parents. they are alcohol and drug free activities. we cook out and camp on indian land. we have others that come out and join us for supper or breakfast. last fall we had over 70 people involved. many of them take part in our hikes. we do the hikes to encourage exercise. we want our people to live healthier lifestyles. we show kids foods we eat, and plants we use. several of our tribal programs help sponsor the activities. we have many adults to help watch the kids. the kids are always well behaved and mind the adults. there are no illegal activities that go on. we clean up the area and leave no trace we were there.

today i got a call that our camp out may not happen. i guess some one from the Horton B I A office called our tribal police to stop it. i didnt get the reason why. i couldnt imagine any good reason why they would stop the camp out. some small minded official must be real insecure in his/her life and the only way he or she isnt impotent is to exert some perceived power. what a trip. something aint right in that ones life so he or she has to stop others from having fun. we have problems with alcohol and drugs here. nobody stops that. we have thieving going on. that aint stopped. hunting season is coming. where are the tribal cops and the B I A when non residents of this rez come and hunt illegally on indian land? where are they when non residents come to cut the wood off our lands. or where are they when non residents dump their trash all over this rez. the people that go on these camp outs are law abiding citizens. why stop this fun alcohol and drug free activity that has been going on for years. if you can’t figure that out call the B I A office and tribal police department and asked them why are they trying to oppress the indians. they are paid to help us. if they wont do that, then they should leave us the hell alone. or maybe focus on the criminal element instead of everyday people. the BIA should clean its own house before they police the world. does the Cobell case ring a bell?

the article about me that was printed in our tribal paper is still being picked up. the local county paper ran it today. a couple of national indian papers ran the story. a healthy food website ran it.  a friend of mine ran the link on her facebook page. i heard from a few people i know that read the article. the link to the story was sent to the other tribes that are under the same CDC grant as i am.  a big reason our programs exist is to encourage people to eat healthier and get proper exercise. if we dont do that we fail our people. our health will be a big problem for us in the future. we have to do something about it now.  not wait until it becomes a bigger problem. i have to walk my 2 miles- gotta do something about my health……