had fun and no arrests…

 i did go camping this weekend. i wasnt doing it as an act of civil disobedience. the thought entered my mind though.  no bureaucrat  located out in the middle of nowhere should be trying to tell our people what we can or can’t do on our  land. i got to the camp ground late so i missed the tribal police being there. we had moved to another camp spot so we wouldnt have any trouble. to no avail, someone else called tribal. too much traffic they said. it was explained to them we camp out with our kids all the time. no arrests were made.

we camped as we have been doing. we shared some fine meals. everything was cooked over a fire. we had some good visiting, laughed alot. the kids played. the bigger boys went hunting. every one had fun. it wasnt the big deal  a BIA  official thought. there was no need for them to call the police on us like we were doing something wrong. we werent. we had about 8 adults and over 20 some kids that camped. many others came out and joined us for either supper or breakfast. we get alot of community support in our hiking and camping endeavors.

i got there late because i went to a washburn football game with my daughter. they had a 7-1 record. so i had to be a fair weather fan and go support them. it was a good game. i jumped up a few times and cheered the team on. i went to school there many years ago. i found out an instructor gave me an incomplete in an internship so i missed out on getting my bachors degree by this much. at the time i thought hell with it and didnt want to go back to pick up the two credit hour course.  i lost interest in school. i really didnt feel like going into the journalism field anymore. i enjoyed the college experience and consider myself an ichabod backer.

the kids that camped with us went to the trunk or treat thing. they brought back candy. a few of them gave me some candy. i thanked them for sharing. i like it when i see children that know how to share. i feel good about them not growing up to be selfish adults. i like halloween because i can enjoy candy. i got my chocolate fix in. i went to bed earlier than the kids. i wasnt exactly roughing it. i had an air mattress and a sleeping bag. it was comfortable. next day i was told one of the kids asked ‘is that misho eddie snoring’? i had to laugh at that.

after camping i went to a baby shower. my nephew had a daughter recently. i went mainly to visit with whoever showed up. i took a few pictures. they played some baby shower games but i didnt get into that. they were serving indian tacos but i just went for some ice cream and cake. i told the servers to give me something fattening. eating healthy is rather bland. gotta just enjoy food sometimes. i am walking enough that i can spoil myself now and then.

i am still hearing from people about the article written about me. i am getting some fame out of it. as long as they get the message. will see what this week brings.