wuts that mean?

lately i have been seeing a young eagle near my house. it was sitting on the fence near my mailbox one day. i seen it fly off as i drove down the road. i parked at my house and watched it fly above me. i noticed it was a immature golden eagle. i could tell that by its black and white tail. i watched it for a few minutes. i thought that was neat. a few days later i noticed it soaring above the hay field. i watched it again.  i remember a couple of years ago i noticed another eagle with a black and white tail that was in the same area around here. it used to roost in a big cottonwood. it must have grown up and left. sometimes new wave injuns get into all that ‘what does that mean?”. i took it to mean that a breeding pair must live nearby.

i came home the other day and saw a pile of wood in my back yard. tribal guys must have brought it. i am on the list of seniors they cut wood for.  i am glad they did. it will get cooler. sooner or later it will be cold. i like to have a fire going in the basement.  it wont be long before i do make a fire. it keeps the whole house warm. nothing like a wood fire to make a house really feel like a home. it reminds me of when we had to have a wood stove going if we wanted warmth.

our little pups moved to the dog house i built last year or the year before. it is located on the south side of the house. it is in a nook that blocks the north and west winds. i put some fresh straw in it last week. so now the pups should be set for the cold that will eventually come. i take care of our animals as well as i can.

i went to a family get together this evening to meet my nephews daughter. she came from arizona. we had eats. indians always have food. we were sitting around visiting and someone got on facebook. so we started to view the postings on it. pretty soon we were all sitting there staring at our phones instead of talking to each other. that is modern society. i was asked if i was addicted to facebook. i laughed. i dont know if i am or not. i do get on there to read. some of the stuff is a bit much. i dont post there too often. sometimes people cant take a joke. it aint funny if you have to tell them ‘this is a joke’ and then slooowllly explain it to them.

i bought a bunch of young chicks this past summer. they have grown to a good size now. i have alot of roosters in the herd. or is it a pack. at any rate i will have to clean a number of them. cleaning chickens is a dying art. everyone used to do that around here years ago.  my mother was a pro at it.  hardly anyone does anymore. i like to put them in the freezer. they will make some good tortilla soup this winter. i can make chicken and rice with them too.  i will keep most of the hens and feed them all winter. i should have lotsa big brown eggs next spring.

i will have to watch tv in the morning. if it snows anywhere near here that is good for a day off……..