moving on….

i finally got word that i will move to a new job with the potawatomi language department. i was one of two that applied for the  two positions of language apprentice. i still had to go for an interview.  i had to explain why i would be good at a job no one else applied for. i was then told to go for a drug test. on the drive down i wondered what kind of drugs i had to sample. turned out it was a urine test to see if i have been a bad boy. the job is mine if the results come back clean. no problemo. i know what the results will be. brown guys like me gotta follow all the rules.

i wanted that language apprentice job. in it i study the language for 40 hours a week.  for me that is a dream job. i studied the language off and on for the past 15 years or so. i helped start the language class we had on the rez years ago. the language program came about as a result of that class.  i kinda let it go after i lost my mother. she was my main teacher. we would work on the language where ever we were, like while garage sale-ing or taking a trip. even if i wasnt studying the language it was always there. now and then i would be doing something and a word would come back to me out of nowhere. i use the language occasionally in ceremonies. i will tell my kids a word or phrase to illustrate a point. so i guess if the language is going to be there i might as well study it full time. i have too many years of my life in it to let it go. and believe me we are in a danger of losing our langauge. thats why we gotta do what we can to save it. most of our people dont care one way or other. someone has to.

i will miss the traditional garden job i held for the past year. i really liked doing that work. thing is i am getting a bit old for it. i put in for a helper so i could do more. that position was turned downed even though it was carryover money that had to be spent. it wasnt even tribal money. someone felt i should do the job by myself since i was doing it. my left knee hurt me for two months from the bending, stretching etc i had to do. it just wouldnt heal.  i had to take care of two large gardens by myself. like i said i am getting older. when someone wants a tradish ceremony i am an elder. other times i am not. it just wasnt that. i had to put up with alot of bureacracy. i made my program one of the best around but i had to wait on the decisions of others to move. i am used to getting things done. i dont like to wait on someone else.  people around the country were aware of what i was doing but not some locally. an news article came out that was picked up by several newspapers. now more know of the things i was trying to do. so i made my point i guess. i still think our people should eat more of our traditional foods. i will always believe that. i will do what i have been doing for the past 26 years. i was doing that before this program ever came along. i will do that the rest of my life.

i am looking forward to this new job. i know that i will continue to learn more of the language. only question is how much will i learn. should be a good week starting a new job. then this is a short week because of the holiday. i have a wedding to do on the holiday at the rock house….cant wait for this week.