is there karma

you often hear about karma. like if you do something that aint cool, it will come back on you. sounds like a plausible concept. then on the other hand, you see some people that just generally treat all others badly and nothing happens to them.

i am far from perfect but i try to live a good life. i dont know if i have reaped benefits from that. i guess i have reasonably good health. i enjoy living. i have some good friends and relatives. so i would say yeah there gotta be some kinda karma.

maybe something negative draws other negative energy or something. i remember a family vacation i took years ago. i went back east. i was cruising along and decided i wanted to see atlantic city. maybe it was hearing that ‘under the boardwalk’ song. i wasnt into gambling like i am now but still wanted to try my luck.

it was raining as we drove along. at a distance i noticed this guy walking along. he was all smiling and laughing to himself. he was approaching a water puddle. i slowed down a bit then sped up. the result was we both reached the water puddle at the same time. the car splashed the water all over this dude. he stopped for an instant. then he just laughed and walked on. my kids were young and one said ‘golly dad’. maybe it was cuz i lived thru the sixties and quit drugs or something but i thought that was kinda funny.

we drove through this rugged neighborhood. the kids noticed a drug deal going down. a block or two away we reached the casinos. it was like night and day. we went from real poor to uptown. i went and tried a slot machine. i didnt win. as we were driving out of town i wondered about splashing that dude. was it karma that caused me to lose? maybe or maybe not. hell i never win at gambling.

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