no quake..

hearing about the earthquakes made me think of my southern kin. i had a three day weekend so i decided to go visit with my relatives in oklahoma. i got ahold of them the modern way i text one of them. they in turn called each other. i keep up with them using facebook. i seen their comments about the quakes on there.  i told them if the quakes were over i would come see them.  they said rumors were they expecting a 7.0 one coming but who can predict that. so i drove to shawnee on friday. i met some of my cousins for supper at one of the casinos buffet. we do lot of laughing when we get together. they told me about the earth quakes they had.

i went to visit my oklahoma mother but she wasnt home. she was attending a meeting of some kind. i did get to see the ceremonial grounds there. i used to go down there often. i should have called ahead but this was just a spur of the moment trip. i didnt plan on going, i just went. sometimes those are the most fun trips.

they dont have reservations in oklahoma. so what they do is put up signs saying this is our land. you see a sign that says whatever tribe the land belongs to. then go over the bridge or down the street and they say you are leaving their land. then you see another tribes sign. you leave that land and the first tribe has another sign saying this is our land.  what really says this is our land is having a casino on it. many of the casinos in oklahoma are rather small. not many have hotels since they are in town. i contributed to the local economies of a few tribes.

i have gone to oklahoma many times over the years. i was even born there. i have alot of relatives down there. so it is like a second home. i went  to school there once. i stayed there a few times. i used to go to some big 49s down there. there would be hundreds of people at them. so if i have a chance to go there i go. on the way home i stopped at some little town that sold gas for 2.99 a gallon. cant beat that.

i have been logging some road time lately. this week i am going up north for a language meeting. i havent been to one of them before. i have only been on the job for one week. i have heard more of the language in the past week than i have previously. so that is good. it is the reason i applied for the job. i have been out of the language for a number of years. i am a bit rusty in it usage. it has to come back to me.  at this meeting i will get a chance to meet with the language programs of the other bands. it should be interesting.

will see what this week brings…..


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