language meeting….

i have been on the road for the past week. i just got home from a conference on the potawatomi language. it was held on pokagan land in michigan. i am new to this job so i am glad i got to go. i needed to meet the players in the language. i knew some of the people from having met them years ago. others i met for the first time. a few of the last remaining fluent potawatomi speakers were also there. i knew a couple of them.

i know that i am rusty from being out of the langauge for a few years. after i lost my mother i kinda let the language slide. i only used it at ceremonies. i know that i have to draw it out of me. i have to play catch up with the ones working in the language. some of them have been doing this for years. i found myself hesitant to speak the language around some because i thought i might not say it right. gotta get over that.

being around people that use the language is good for me. when i hear somebody use potawatomi it reminds me of words that i know but thought i forgot. other things i hear i just dont know. i wanted to get into this job so i can learn more. there is no doubt in my mind that i will learn more. i have already in the first week. i welcome a challenge. if this language was easy it wouldnt be on the verge of slipping away from us. i want to learn as much as i can. question is how much will i learn.

a guy i know at the conference had this neat app on his phone. i think it was called usb disk. he was able to access his language database from his cell phone.  i thought it would be neat to do that without carrying a computer or external hard drive. he was trying to help me get that app for my phone. it wouldnt work. i find out from my phone company it is for iphones. i dont have one, mine is an android. now i got find a similiar application for my phone.

i went online to sprint phone company. i thought that for what i pay them a month they would be able to help me. they werent helpful at all. the tech support gave me an 800 number to call. i got cut off twice and didnt get an answer about a similiar app. i thought their tech support people would know the answer. wrong again. one guy said he would call back, he didnt.  i have a language database i have to check out occasionally when i cant remember a word or phrase. while i am learning i  need to do that. for years i have tried to find a program or application that would be helpful in learning the language. havent had any luck. i will keep looking. modern technology isnt all that great. most techies are about trying to impress people with knowledge than actually helping people with it.

this will be a short work week. i wont argue that point………….