holiday is over…

time to head back to work. the four day thanksgiving holiday is over. i enjoyed every day off. i didnt get much accomplished. i did work on my language materials for about 8 hours over the weekend.  i just kicked backed for most of the whole time. i dont take off from work much. i never had leave time so i couldnt.

deep down i think over eating on a certain day isnt what i need. i cant lose the weight i promised myself i would take off before i go to machu picchu. i did get on the treadmill a few times. i may need to walk 10 more miles to break even on burning off the calories consumed.

getting together with family is good. my kids came home and we ate together. that is priceless. i dont see enough of them. the food was good. there also was plenty of it.  after we ate we played a game of scrabble. we always have good games. i enjoy the conversations we have too. i like to hear my kids point of view.

i couldnt help but think of the days when i use to bum around the country. i went hungry many times. i dont know how i got by. i dont know why sitting at a big meal would bring that to mind. but then those days made me appreciate what i have.

i went to town yesterday to check out the  price of new electronics. i didnt buy any of them but spent more than i planned on. the crowds werent that bad. no one got pepper sprayed. nor were there any fights. i am glad i waited a few days. i am not into that gotta be first to buy something. i dont like waiting in lines.  i dont think anything in this world is  that important.

i went for breakfast at our casino the other day. i got some gambling in. i was sitting there playing a slot and noticed my phone was losing its charge. i wondered why they cant have a phone recharger on the slots. like on any computer. or why not have a connection for an ipod hookup. i have one on my treadmill. people will not leave their phones or ipods.

will see what this week brings…..