elite 8

team spirit01it is tournament time so at work they are having a photo contest. they will pick the best picture of workers supporting their favorite team. the winners will be awarded a pizza party. some of us got our k u gear on and had this picture taken to enter into the contest. I wear k u gear most of the year especially on game days. I was ready to  pose with my co-workers.

I still had my t shirt and hat on while watching k u play Maryland last night. we won the game and advanced onto the elite 8. so much for the critics that say we cant get past the first round. I keep saying this team will win the national championship. this team is showing it can find a way to win.

all k u has to do is win 3 more to be national champs. the next game is tomorrow night. i will be watching and rooting for our jayhawks. mass street in Lawrence will be packed after a k u win. I was down there the last time we went to the final 4. there were thousands of fans that filled the streets downtown. I met a lot of people I knew.

I get annoyed with some announcers or analysts. they can never give k u credit. all year seems someone talks k u down. now we are the number one seed overall and considered by some as the best team there are some who think we will be beat in any game we play. that don’t matter. our fans are loyal to the team. it don’t matter what people around the country think of the jayhawks.

no work today. we have the day off for good Friday. the other night I had my grand daughter Cecelia over. now I have the grandsons. we will have fun. I have to keep them entertained and still find ways to get chores done. at least they help with feeding the dogs and chickens and bringing in eggs.

among other chores I have to work with my compost pile. I bought a used pond liner off craigslist for 30 bucks. I ordered one from online a while back and it was too thin. the wind blows it off the compost pile. I will use the one I just bought. it is heavier and should produce the heat needed to speed up the compost process. that’s what the hippies say anyway.

since I have the grand kids I wont be able to make a high school basketball tournament in Lawrence this weekend. they will have a number of recruits that k u is looking at. one of them is the number 1 recruit for next year. he has narrowed his list of schools down to 3 and k u is one of them. if we get him, we could be looking at making another run at the national championship again next year. we don’t have to rely on him but he will add to an already loaded team coming back.

there is a swap meet in topeekie tomorrow. I plan to go look at chicks, they will have various breeds of orpingtons. they lay brown eggs and can be used for meat. I ordered some chicks from the feed store but might buy some more at this meet. I have to feed and water them already so what is a few more. I buy straight runs. I will get too many roosters out of that. I will butcher all of the roosters but one. any time I want to have tortilla soup or chicken n rice I just have to go to the freezer.

should be a fun 3 day weekend watching kids and basketball. and getting some chores done…….


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