new tires…….

not quite done with this roach but I am jumping the gun posting a picture. I am pleased with this one that is 24 inches long with 8 and half inch front hair. first one in a few years. haven’t lost the touch. this has been my art for about 42 years. I have to tie the deer tail trim on the outside and this one is done. the trim will be white so it will match any outfit. 

I haven’t been able to work on it cuz I had to go to town. a couple of times.  I was having breakfast with my sisters. I told them about my  bald tires and I seen some used ones on craigslist for 120 bucks. one sister said you cant scrimp on tires. I agreed so I headed to Topeekie to get new ones. I’m a broke indian again but I feel better knowing I don’t have to be concerned about my tires anymore. 

I read while I was waiting on the tires to be put on my car. I seen an article that quoted the world health organization. they said that the average life expectancy globally is 71.4 years.

does that give me six more years to live? I wondered what should I do in that time. my bucket list is partially filled. I haven’t walked the great wall of china. nor have I seen Angkor Wat. I still need to see Hawaii so I will have been in all 50 states. I still have my book to finish. I am hoping for a few more years so I can get more things done. I gotta get busy.

after I drove off with my new tires I thought this drives better. that reminded me of a guy I worked with. we called him cowboy ralph. maybe because he wore a cowboy hat. he had a beard that often caught ketchup or mustard when he ate. he used to say about the other red necks at work ‘I bet none of them rode herd in a blizzard.’ I guess that made him more cowboy than they were.

me and mikey rode with him once. his old truck’s motor shook driving down the road. he said I know what. he pulled over and put in a quart of oil. that wasn’t enough so he walk up to the house next to the road. he banged on the door til someone answered. he asked if they had any oil. the guy looked at him and the two indians in his truck. he went to his garage and gave him two quarts. cowboy ralph dumped them into the truck. we drove off. the motor quit knocking. ralph said hmm it drives okay now. I thought damn after 3 quarts of oil low, it better. 

its kinda funny how people get nick names. another time I worked with a guy from el paso. he wasn’t a real cool dude at all. everyone called him the a$$h^#e from el paso. I think even he liked that after awhile. 

I went to pick up my grandsons down in Lawrence. having new tires on my car got me on the road.  we had a fun drive back to the rez. they will stay with me til their school starts again. they off for a coupla weeks. we will have fun. 

today I went to the farmers market in Kansas City again. I wanted more Anaheim peppers to roast and make green chiles. cant have too much. I bought a bag of green bell peppers too. mine aren’t doing too good. I cook with them too. I had my playlist hooked up to the car radio and I was jamming on the way to k.c. and back. 

I will make a good fire to roast the anaheims this week. I also have the outside trim on the roach to finish. gotta do this with the grandsons around. they watch me do everything. they learn by watching. 

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  1. That is a fine looking roach, sure would like to see a picture when it is complete. I know that there are different lengths and colors, but what determines what a person buys, and what would this piece of art cost, if you don’t mind me asking? Nice to hear that your grandsons are watching and learning, my granddaughters and grandson do beadwork projects while I do mine, when they aren’t busy on their electronic games.

    Have a good day: Chuck

  2. from the looks of some roaches I have seen, people have to buy whats in front of them. I have been to a few bigger pow wows and seen a few stands sell out of the roaches they had. some didn’t look that good to me.
    basically its what ever price is put on a roach. i try to price mine reasonably. like maybe this one would go for $700-900. i know some places this same size would go for $1000-1200. recently i seen a smaller one made with synthetic fibers go for $650. price is determined by length of the roach and length of the front hair. also how many rows of hair in the front of roaches. dancers often ask for 24 inch roaches with double or triple rows of 10 to 12 inch hair in front. reality is those kind of roaches don’t come along often. it would take pounds and pounds to hair to make such a roach. usually those roaches are made for someone close to the roach maker.

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