finished a roach

I took my time working on this roach but I did get it finished. can’t or shouldn’t rush art. I am usually busy taking care of my garden, grand kids and things I am called upon to do. I had to make the time whenever i could to finish this roach. 

not to pat myself on the back but I am rather pleased with how this one turned out. I needed to get the first one done in order to make more. I will continue to sort hair. I still have boxes to go thru. so far I have sorted about 11 pounds of it. that’s enough to make about 100 roaches. this is my retirement business.

I intend to teach joe, my son, the art. he has the talent to learn anything. he is good at whatever he sets his mind to. years ago I showed mishan who made one. he hasn’t messed with it since then. I aint worried one of my sons will carry on my art and inherit my materials.

there will be a solar eclipse later this month. people are gearing up for it. the event will last a minute or two. then it is over. hope the event is as good as the anticipation leading up to it. don’t want it to be like the old peggy lee song ‘is that all there is’.

I remember we were on a family trip when my kids were young. we were at a camp ground in san diego during an eclipse. a couple of old ladies at the next camp site told us to come look. they had an oatmeal box with a pin hole in it that showed the outline of the sun during the eclipse. we looked at it and went on about our business. at least we seen it. I still remember it years later. don’t know what I will do during this one. 

I remember another solar eclipse during one of the times I was attending Haskell. hey I bummed around as a student there for years in my heavy drinking days. lotsa indians did that. any way I was into photography. one of the instructors asked me what I would do to get a picture of the eclipse. I thought a moment and said I would put lithograph film in front of the lens to take the picture. he nodded. the next school paper had a picture he took of the eclipse using the method I guessed at. I thought it was a quiz or something. didn’t know it would work. the old boy got credit for glomming onto my idea. over the years I got used to people ripping off my ideas. I take that as a compliment. 

sometimes I get kidded for being a hermit. true I stay in my world. you never know when you go somewhere if someone is hating on you over something you didn’t do. some of our people are bad at that. you can be guilty of something you didn’t do and not even know anything about it. sometimes they hating on a relative or friend of yours that aint got nothing to do with you. it don’t matter to them. they just wanna vent their bitterness on anyone. it rarely makes them feel better. to avoid the hassle of all that I don’t go to some places. I got my own trip to do. my life goes on no matter what others think of me. 

gotta get back to work sorting porcupine hair. I want to start making another roach………….


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  1. Hey Eddie Joe, that is a beautiful piece of art, someone will have a prized possession when they purchase that roach. Do you keep a log of your work, and who buys them, also do you number them, or put your special mark somewhere on them, or do you just know one when you see it?

    Keep creating: Chuck

  2. I lost track of who bought my roaches over the years chuck. no I don’t number them or mark them in any way. sometimes i can recognize one I made. I know I can look at some and definitely say that is not one of mine.

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