all ready for the eclipse

glad I have this free eclipse glasses. hope they aint the fake ones where I could burn a hole in my retina or something. people are selling knock offs even if you can get these free.

this total solar eclipse event is shaping up to be everyone trying to make a fast buck. all the hotels and motels are full even with the inflated prices. some people are offering a tent site on their front yard for $75. meals and snacks are provided but are extra. 

don’t know what I will do during the eclipse. I like the idea that the farmers market in kc is doing. they are playing pink floyds dark side of the moon album. sounds good but then I quit the mind altering substances long ago. that was the only way to listen to pink floyd back in the day. wonder if the farmers market will do the laser show. I could be sitting there in these glasses saying faaar out maaaan. hippies used to drag those sounds out. guess it was cool or something.

if I do decide to head north I don’t know what kind of traffic to expect. some are predicting big crowds. normally no one comes to Kansas. hope they don’t notice how bad our roads are. the politicians robbed the highway fund to cover their “short fall”. this could be the biggest event to hit the state since Quantrill came thru. it should even outdraw the second largest ball of twine. too bad the state cant do an eclipse a few times a year. they could make some big bucks. the politicians would probably tax it and waste the money while killing service related programs. 

I have started working on another roach. I should have it done in a day or two. this one is a boys roach. I listed the last one I made on a new for sale page I created on this site. I started this site to market my art work. I wanted to cut out the middle man. often they make more money off roaches than the guy that made it. i don’t have to deal with those rip offs. blogging is to entertain me until I build my inventory. I planned on doing that after I retired. 

I am putting in hours whenever I can to sort hair. I will continue to sort hair and tie roaches to break the monotony. I will make as many roaches as I can. I aint worried bout selling them. its kinda like field of dreams. (in a whisper) build it and they will come. every roach I ever made sold. 

I am in some pow wow selling groups on facebook. I wont list my work on those sites even if it would be the obvious thing. i got my own trip to do. I am copying pictures of roaches for sale though. some are priced pretty high. I want to show people what they can have if they don’t want to pay me what I want for mine. some of those roaches are pretty rugged looking. they even make roaches with synthetic material. what?

gotta take a break from working on roaches sometime today. my yard needs to be mowed. then i have almost 10 pounds of Anaheim peppers i have to roast and dice up. seems i am always busy. people still ask me what i am doing. a few said it would get boring. not to me. its been a year now since i retired. i always have something to do.  i have no regrets. i got tired of working when i seen others not doing a damn thing. now i can do what ever i want. hell yeah.


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  1. Hi Eddie Joe: Are you going to see a total eclipse where you live? I live in California, and I will only see a 76% eclipse. If you know someone who welds, you might see if they have an extra welding helmet. I welded for over 40 years before I retired, and the shaded lenses that are used for welding are perfect for viewing the solar eclipse.
    Its good to hear that you are making more roaches. If I had a need for one, I would be sure to get one from you, who knows, I never know what the future holds.

    Have a great weekend: Chuck

  2. wont see total eclipse here on the rez chuck. it will be total in the county north of here. I am probably going to drive up that way. one of the casinos is having a eclipse watch thing. I may head there or somewhere near.

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