labor day weekend

ended up going to the flea market in sparks yesterday after all. I finished fixing my sema. I have most of the work done on my latest roach. it don’t take long to get one done. I thought it wont hurt to go have a look. you never know what you gonna find at auctions and flea markets. whenever a salesperson asks what I am looking for, I tell them I don’t know until I see it. they usually say I know what you mean. 

I walked for about 3 and a half hours. I got my exercise in. it isn’t walking all that time but I am on my feet constantly. that is tiring and sometimes causes my back to ache. I plan on walking my two miles this evening.

my son joe and his family were there too but we didn’t see them. they were looking for us too. there are so many stands. I go to these things so often, some of the dealers kinda recognize me. I try to see what things are worth and I remember their value. I look for bargains. there are times I will pass on something because I think it is priced too high. I know when I seen it cheaper. stands sell the same things at all the flea markets.

now I try to get a better price if i can. took me a while to even try that. I seen so many little old ladies do it, I thought i will too. I found a nice wood bowl. it was marked $18, I asked the lady if she would take 15 for it. she said yeah so I bought it. I will use it to play indian dice. it is the right size. wooden bowls are hard to find. when you do find them, they are listed as antiques. that means a higher price for them. 

I found a small wooden t ball bat. it was marked $4, I asked the guy if he would take two. he said he would take 3. so I bought it. I will use it to wrap roaches around. they sell sticks at supply houses to wrap roaches on for $5. I use that as a price to beat. another guy had two bats he wanted $10 for. I passed. I have a bunch of them I bought cheaper over the years. 

I bought two metal o rings. I know it is modern but I use them when I am lacing up a hand drum. I found me a holster that was marked $8. the guy said he didn’t know what it would fit. I said I had a .22 pistol that it would fit. he said yeah it looked like it would fit a .22. I asked if him if he  would take $5.  he said he would take 6, so I bought it. I will carry my pistol when I walk in the timber by my house. 

I wanted a smoked turkey leg most of all. I went to a bbq stand and asked if they had any. the guy said to come back in an hour. I did. by that time I was ready to sit down at one of his tables. I ate part of the turkey leg and wrapped it up to take home. the other half was my supper. though I didn’t buy much  it was worth the trip to me. 

today I will finish tying the porcupine hair for my current roach. I know its a 4 day weekend. I tell people when you retired every weekend is a 4 day weekend. I work when I feel like it. I want this one done so I can start another. I have a deal with someone that will have a stand at our pow wow. she will show my roaches at her stand. if she sells any I said she can have 10% commission. gotta get busy.