twas the week before per cap

and not an indian was stirring. this one cant cuz his car needs a battery. I gotta get the old car on the road before per cap and my old folks check comes in.

kids drive newer cars than mine. my car is ten years old and has over 200,000 miles on it. I don’t have a car payment so this old guy will drive it til it wont run no mo.

seen one of my nephews last night. he is passing thru from Georgia on his way to his next duty station. he will be stationed in Colorado. glad he will be close by and not some where half way across the world. but then traveling is a growing experience. I asked him what he does, he said he is in the infantry. I watched him grow up. now he is in the army. like I need another reminder I am getting older. 

when my nephew seen me he came up to me and shook my hand. I asked him what about a hug. he said I didn’t think you were the hugging type. I said I aint but he did hug me. I am not all that demonstrative like I see some of our people at pow wows or gatherings. the rest of the time, when they aint on exhibit, they are apathetic toward each other. 

every where I go I hear someone call me uncle, shishe, or misho. I kinda like that. it makes that connection that we are related and have some kind of bond. see too many of our people that are mean to others. our teachings tell us we are suppose to get along and help each other. 

I always keep up with the news. been watching the damage that the hurricanes are causing. seems ironic that when indians stood up to protect water they were beaten, pepper sprayed, hit with rubber bullets etc. now water is showing man he is powerless against it. we gotta respect water, there can be no life without it. I depend on it for the food I eat. 

I gotta finish the yellow roach I started. got the base done. now I have to tie the deer tail trim for the inside. then tie the porcupine hair. I will never use the synthetic stuff some use. I will continue to make roaches the way I was taught…..