half finished roach

the roach I am currently working on is half finished. my boss (me) said take your time, finish it when you can. that’s what is nice bout being your own boss. you do things when you feel like it. it still gets done. this one will be a good one when it is completed. 

I went to that njun movie the other day. I was surprised there were only 3 of us in the theater. maybe we were the only ones that hadn’t seen it. or maybe cuz it was showing during a work/school day. yeah that’s it.

or maybe not many care bout indian movies. indians have to stay in the public’s eye. otherwise the government owned police force can pepper spray them, shoot them with rubber bullets or sic the attack dogs on them when they protest for clean drinking water . wait that cant possibly happen. this is America. at least the big business owned politicians can’t evict us from this country like they want to with our brown brothers and sisters. 

I had my dr appt. and lab test yesterday. I told the doc bout my knee hurting. he checked it out and told me it was arthritis.  I was hoping it was a sprain that would go away. I thought great, just what I need. I already have arthritis in my back. doc told me to find a happy median in walking. maybe only do 6 miles a week. I have to stay active or else I experience pain in my back. so I am damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I will keep walking. 

today is per cap. I aint rushing to town. half of my check aint gonna hit the bottom of my pocket. I gotta pay off the new tires I had to have on my car. I also have to pay for the new battery I bought for my car. after that I will have a few bucks left.

I am planning to go to bingo. I haven’t gone in a while because I was bokske. (translation: indian slang for broke) tonite I will go play. its my sister jackies birthday. we will meet her over there. lets hope this indian can win some bucks. 

first I have to go pick up the grand sons in Lawrence. they talk all the way home. I will get to sleep in tomorrow. last Saturday Andrew came into my room and woke me up. he said you should mow the yard misho. I just finished mowing the yard. now the kid cant wake me up. 

mary has a stand at the per cap flea market at the bingo hall. she makes a few extra dollars there. one time she sold our dvds. she made several hundred off that. it came in handy when we went to vegas. my niece and daughter in law also are having a stand. I hope they do well.

yesterday I cooked a buffalo roast. got it from the tribe. usually I only get some burger, so a roast was a big score for me. just a few closest to the fort get the prime cuts. I put the roast in the crockpot with leeks, red bell peppers, onions, green chiles and garlic. I grew all of those except the garlic, which I bought at the farmers market. the roast tasted great. I used the liquid the roast was cooked in to cook egg noodles in. I got the noodles from an amish store. I think I will warm that up for my lunch today. 

gotta get some work done on this latest roach……….