time to pow wow

tonite pbpn pow wow starts. I haven’t been to any at all this year. this will be my first and probably only pow wow I will attend this pow wow season. that’s okay. it is our pow wow. I will know a lot of the people there. I remember when it used to rain at some of our pow wows. other times it was real hot when it was held in july. we will be able to enjoy fall weather at this one.

I used to travel all over this country to attend pow wows. I went to some just because they were some of the biggest ones. a few are just too big. I have been to a few small traditional pow wows too. while I like pow wows I am not a fanatic about it. I don’t sit there from the first song to the last. I will check out other things when I am at different places. 

I wont stand in line at a pow wow to get an indian taco. I see people that go crazy over them. I only eat indian tacos now and then. I try not to eat too much fried foods. well not counting fried potatoes. 

I charged two of the batteries for my Nikon camera. it takes better pictures than my cell phone. I will take a few pictures. probably more than a few. I have a folder in my computer. it is labeled portraits. it has almost a thousand portraits of people I took. I keep adding to it. I use images of pow wow dancers on my blog. 

I may have the four roaches I finished on display at our pow wow. gotta see if that’s gonna happen. a friend of my sister will have a stand and she agreed to show them. most of the time people don’t carry that kind of extra cash to buy a roach. I mainly want people to see them so when they in the market for one, they will remember this indian that makes roaches. 

I had company the past few days. some of our northern brothers were here. we shared our thoughts on language, history, culture etc. we also shared coffee, indian tea, a few meals and some laughs. I enjoyed our visit. I was invited to come to their place. I may take them up on that offer. 

someone at a flea market told me to start a collection of anything. someday it might be worth something. I ended up with a collection of Pendleton coffee cups. I wasn’t trying to get a collection. it just happened. I bought a couple because I like the size. it is just right for the amount of coffee I drink. I don’t like to use small cups. I was given several as gifts. soon I had a bunch of them. that is what got me started saving them. I did give a few away though.

I had four duplicates. I seen there were Pendleton cups I didn’t have. I had mary try to sell my duplicates for half price of what a new one would cost. someone made a deal with us to buy all four for $30. I took that money and went to the tribes gift shops and bought 4 new ones I didn’t have. one place had a 20% discount and the other had a 30% discount. using that $30 and the discount, I got the new ones for $10 each. not a bad deal. now I have 18 Pendleton cups and each one is a different design.

at the pow wow I will add to my t shirt collection and indian decals for my riding mower. I usually check out the stands for giveaways. I try to find nice things that people will cherish when they are given them. as a people, we are suppose to be giving. I hope to find something because fall dance is coming. meanwhile I will enjoy the pow wow………………