pow wow is over sweetheart

aint trying pull a facebook stunt here. you know where someone posts a selfie every other day to hear people tell them how beautiful they are. I just wanna show my new t-shirt I bought at the pow wow. this one publicizes my website.

I took almost 500 pictures at the pow wow. I edited over 80 of the best ones and put them in a folder on my facebook page. I got a few likes. people like to look at pictures. I used to be a photographer kinda. I have many pictures I took over the years. a picture is worth a thousand words and I have thousands of pictures so I don’t have to say much.

I had my roaches on display at the pow wow. many people looked at them but alas, no one bought any. I anticipated that. no one carries that kinda cash. it takes money to travel to pow wows. I wanted them on display to plant the idea that roaches might be on sale at that prairie band pow wow. maybe over time, someone will carry some bucks to buy a roach.

speaking of my roaches, my for sale page on this site is being fixed up to show case them. I haven’t displayed them for some time because I wasn’t making any while I had an 8-4:30 gig. now I have the time to make roaches.

we had more company. a lady that mary went to school with came for a visit. they made one day at our pow wow. yesterday we gave her and her friend a tour of the rez. I told them about some of our oral history. after that we went to see marys office in Horton and we also showed them part of the Kickapoo rez. we fed them too. gotta follow our teachings. they enjoyed their time here. they are leaving early this morning. they have a 12 hour drive to get home.

I met a coupla men who live near wabonsie state park. they were looking for me at our pow wow. I left my number with the staff at the park. I said I was interested in visiting Wabaunsee’s grave. I want to smoke my pipe there. I have done that at many places where our people used to live. I visited several village sites. I try to remember our ancestors. I will get a chance to go see where wabaunsi lived and where he is buried.

they are having some kind of tour at wabonsie state park this saturday. I told the guys I met I probably wouldn’t be able to make that. my daughter is going to be in Tulsa that day. I plan on driving down to see her. I haven’t seen her in awhile. I will schedule a tour another day.

I have to get busy working on my next roach…..