almost october…..

I went for a walk in the timber with my dogs yesterday. my knee is a lot better. I ain’t limping anymore. I walked for an hour.  I won’t let the arthritis keep me down. if I don’t walk, the arthritis in my back causes me pain.

I was looking for paw paws. I filled up my backpack with them in the first paw paw grove I came to. there are more  groves along the creek but I had enough. I will take some to doings for indians that like them.

I seen 3 squirrels in the trees. I heard more barking. I will have to go back when the leaves fall. hopefully I will get a few. I haven’t hunted for some time. it will be good to be back out in nature. it is always so peaceful.

we drove on back roads when we were giving marys friends a tour of the rez. we seen a farm that had free tomatoes. we stopped and picked some up. I like to eat fresh home grown tomatoes. they taste way better than store bought. I told mary we might have to go back and check again. this place had lotsa plants with tomatoes on them. mine didn’t do that good.

my grow boxes are full now. I have turnips, beets, jalapenos, Anaheim peppers and sweet potatoes. I ate a fresh turnip. it was good. I have put away lotsa green chiles and cant give away my surplus of anaheims. my nephew is supposed to come get some. yeah.

I was pricing wild rice on line. I was shocked to see how high some was priced. I know a guy in the north country that fixes big batches of it. I helped him do that once. my arms got tired from constantly turning the parched rice. I was going to buy a big lot from him. he was suppose to contact me when it was all done. he never did call. I was thinking I had a good connection.

I called my sister in law that lives up north. she told me she could get some at an elder and tribal member price. it would cost from 6 to 6.50 a pound. I said great. she can get the real wild rice that is light in color. it tastes better and takes less time to cook. it isnt the cultivated kind that is always dark colored. I would take at least 5 pounds. I am glad I contacted her. I will eat wild rice as often as I can get it.

I will head down to Tulsa for a day or two. my daughter will be there for a conference. I haven’t seen her in awhile so I want to visit with her. I will miss the tour at wabonsie state park. I will call later to arrange a time for me to go there.

today I am tying the porcupine hair on the green roach I am making. I have been doing the never ending job of sorting hair. tying hair will be a break from that. a nice change of pace. time to work……………………