new look, same me

I bought a t shirt at our pow wow that has the above logo on it. hope that because it says every child matters it don’t cause a back lash from some racist. I  am one of those that survived indian boarding school days. we didn’t call them residential schools though, that makes them sound nice. this shirt is meant to be worn on September 30th as part of an awareness about boarding I mean residential schools across Canada eh.

I have an entire chapter about boarding school in my book. a couple of people read that chapter. one said she was half way through reading it when she realized it was a first person account about boarding school. oh ennit. most of the ones that talk bout those days haven’t been there. this indian was.

I will wear this shirt today in solidarity with my bros and sisters that survived indian boarding schools. and the ones that didn’t.  I have run across a few I went to school with. I met some back in the aim days. a few got radical like me. I met some in bars. some became alcoholic and/or drug abusers. again like me. many like me turned to native spirituality. I met a few in prison. I was working in there, they were doing time. the way we were treated in boarding school had a lasting effect on us.  I am glad we made it in spite of boarding school.

my site has undergone some change. new look, same me. my blog is easier to read on cell phones.  I am making roaches since I retired. I want to show case them. that was the purpose of this website originally. I only blogged to keep the site updated.  a pay pal button was added to pay for a roach. I will keep adding roaches as i make them.

I love my website. I will keep it going. at one time my site was on page one of most search engines. don’t know how but it dropped off since then. hopefully I will get it ranked higher. many of the pictures on the image page of search engines show my roaches. that’s a plus I guess.

when we were giving our south Dakota guests a tour I stopped to show them what indian tea looked like. I seen that it has a second growth after the hay has been cut. I picked a bag full to last me thru winter. I picked about two pounds of tea. that should last me. I drink it almost every day.

I am heading to Tulsa today to see my daughter wabenokwe. I will miss one of our ceremonies tomorrow because of that. I have only seen my daughter a few times in the past year because she works away from home. I love my kids. I have to see them whenever I can. I will have a five hour drive down there and pick wabenokwe up at the airport. time to hit the road.

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