k u basketball bout to start

and I got tickets to the opening exhibition game in allen field house. I didn’t get tickets to the missourah exhibition. only the big money donors got to buy them.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. my usual ritual is to buy a jersey at the field house and to go high five the players at the end of the game. i also try to get a picture with some cheer leaders. most indulge this old guy. will see if I get to do any of these this time.

the jayhawks are ranked number 3 now. no doubt they will be good. only question is how good will they be.

I went to trunk or treat yesterday with the grand sons. I have helped at that event for a few years. I stopped by the health centers stand. for old times sake I guess. I used to have fun working with them.

I went to a nephews’ wedding this week end. it was on the rez. my son did the wedding ceremony. I am happy that he is doing the things that I used to do. he taught himself by watching and listening. I find it encouraging that someone young is picking those things up.

had to winterize my tiller. leaving gas in the tank over the winter has caused problems before. I had to have carburetor work done because of that. don’t want that to happen again so I drained the gas tank. that old tiller has to last me.

next I have to take the gas tank off my riding mower. it had some gunk in the tank. not sure where it come from but it has to be cleaned out. that is or was a brand new mower. it has to last me years also.

I started another roach with Haskell colors. I have to tie the porky hair next. it wont take long to finish. I work on roaches when I feel like it. I can binge watch or listen to music while making one so it isn’t so monotonous. I will have a large of supply of them by the end of winter. maybe enough to have a stand at some big pow wow.

seen that dennis banks died. that’s too bad. I got to talk to him at an airport when I was coming back from a traditional foods conference at red lake. my ticket didn’t have my full name on it so they weren’t letting me board. I had to wait for a number of calls before they let me get on the plane.

dennis said I didn’t think they were gonna let you get on. I laughed. we started talking then. I asked him if I could have our picture taken together. he said yeah so I asked one of our traditional foods group to take it. our group asked who is that guy. I told them so they started taking his picture too.

I have been watching the world series. even if I aint got no money on it. I watch every championship series. world series, nba playoffs, super bowl, ncaa tourney. even if I don’t tune into most games I do like to watch the championships where the best play the best.

I will miss next world series game because I will be watching k u mens basketball. my daughter will be in los angeles to watch the dodgers play. lucky girl. proud that she goes after things she wants. hope it goes to game seven so I can watch the last game….


colder weather

Andrew started playing soccer. he wanted to go outside and play this morning. it is 27 degrees out there. we said no. now he’s practicing in the hallway.

my house has a furnace but I prefer using a wood stove. it reminds me of my youth.  we save money by burning wood instead of propane. this year propane aint as high as it was in previous years.

years ago, most houses on the rez had to use wood stoves. the houses weren’t as insulated as they are now. the insulation would settle to the bottom and there would be cold spots in the walls. no such thing as storm windows either. the window frames weren’t air tight so they leaked cold air. when I hear people complain about housing today I have to smile. they didn’t live in the houses we grew up in.

its time to clean the stove pipes out. it is getting cold enough  to get a fire going. usually when it is cold, I keep a fire going a month or two. there is an art to doing that. it wont be cold every day. I might make a fire overnight and let it go out during the day when temps aren’t that bad. a wood fire gives the house that home feeling I think.

when I was young we would help keep the fire going. one of our chores was to bring wood in for the cook stove and heating stove. at times we had to go to the timber and carry back wood. that was when not many had chainsaws. we had a stand that they put logs on. then they would saw the wood into stove size chunks with hand saws. that was labor-intensive. later we got modern and bought a gas stove run off propane.

trunk or treat is tomorrow. we will take the grandsons over. when I worked at the health center I used to help with our display. we would raise money to pay for the things we needed. at different times, we had a hay ride past a haunted cemetery, a haunted tunnel, prizes for a cake walk etc. I had fun doing that for our kids.

good thing I brought in the rest of what I had growing. it was below freezing last night. winter is coming….

a night out on the rez

i took this picture in the amish town I went to when I bought my crooked neck squash. it is just the horses and wagons parked in town. these are the ones Andrew wanted to ride. I went to a dinner last night at the senior citizen site. my sister jackie and hardy were the honored senior citizens. after we ate a good dinner they were brought to the front of the room and seated on the chairs of honor. they were given gifts by the staff.

then family and friends were asked to come up and share memories of the two. members of my family told me to say something. I said I don’t want to. they replied I am the oldest in the family. I am now that my older brothers are gone.  I did get up to say a few things.

I said I knew both honorees for 50 to 60 years. I added jackie and i grew up in a house about a mile from we were. the house had no electricity or running water. I said we were poor but didn’t know it. etc.  most of our people today don’t know that rez. now we live in a different world economically.

I ended by saying after 65 years me and jackie were still speaking. (thats my age, jackie is a year younger) I said that is an accomplishment on this rez. many of our people don’t talk to their fellow skin. it wasn’t like that when we didn’t have money.

I had a piece of cake that looked so rich I thought it would kill this diabetic. it didn’t. someone teased me when I was reaching for it. I said if I was gonna die, at least I would have a smile on my face.

the world serious was on again last night. I only watched part of the game. wonder if not having any money on the game had anything to do with that. many people bet on the series. it adds interest to the games.

I remember a nun that used to be around here that would look for me to get into a world series pool. once I told her it wasn’t fair if she prayed for a win. pools took a major hit when someone ripped people off in one pool. I think that was the only time that happened but it ruined pools.

the old wood stove might get fired up this weekend. temps in the 20s are expected. I like the feeling of a good fire going in the stove. it reminds me of the old days.

leaves are turning

my grand daughters came for a visit last night. that made my day. the grandsons didn’t come this past weekend because their grandmother from the southwest was visiting them.

mary did some grilling. don’t know if that is allowable after labor day. I fixed up a few jalapenos I grew. they were a little hot but they were  good.

my freezer is full and we have lotsa canned goods. we put away lotsa food this year. dried indian corn, dried squash, nenwezhek, berries I picked, veggies I grew, chickens I raised etc. we froze, dried or canned. I am proud of the fact I can eat something I preserved all year long.

I try to eat healthy. producing my own food is one way to ensure that. it must be paying off. my last lab results were good. all levels were within the normal range. hell yeah. I can live with that.

the leaves are finally turning color. they will even more after that last rain we had. everything is still green this late in the year. I am waiting to go hunting. I want to eat some squirrels or raccoons. after the first snow I will get some of those rabbits that fattened up on my garden.  I want to put some wild game away. when I was younger I only went for head shots. my eye sight aint as good as it used to be. good thing I have a scope on the .22.

a guy was asking me why I dried my squash the way I do. I said it works good. it is also the way I was taught. been doing it that way most of my life. I see no reason to change because someone else does it different. I don’t force my beliefs on anyone. I feel I just gotta live them. if I don’t they mean nothing.

yesterday I dyed two deer tails and some yarn. I also sorted porcupine hair. I am ready to start on a new roach. I still havent taken a picture and posted the last one I did. I don’t see how people get bored in retirement. I am always busy.

I got accepted into that diabetes cooking class I was interested in. I am no chef. I am limited in the things I can cook. I learned because I found myself in situations where if I didn’t cook I didn’t eat. lately I have been following recipes I get off the internet. it saves mary some work when I cook supper.  I figure if I have to cook, might as well be good at it. today I am cooking some of the chicken we raised. I will add amish egg noodles to that……

garden still producing

I cleaned out my grow boxes to get them ready for next planting season.  I ended up with about 50 pounds of veggies. I got turnips, beets, carrots, bell peppers, jalapenos, onions and sweet potatoes. these are the second crop I got from the boxes.

I also ended up with two wagons full of leaves, vines and greens from these veggies to go into my compost pile. a few days ago I threw in my squash rinds. my compost pile is about three feet tall now. it will shrink down over the winter.

I haven’t been to a general council meeting in some time. I went yesterday. as I thought it was entertaining. I listened to everyone speak. I was surprised they asked each council member to speak. you would think that should be mandatory.

anyone can get up and speak. even if it is not relevant to the topic being discussed. not every one is gifted as a public speaker. some made some good points but haven’t learned the art of shutting up and sitting down after making the point. a few kept it up until they started saying things that made people laugh. that over shadowed their good points.

the main topic was casino expansion.  it was interesting that someone said we are being “transparent” but there were no hand outs but a one page flyer that was mainly pictures. everything else was only given on the spot. don’t know if a vote was expected or not.  it was postponed until later.

a reader of my blog said she couldn’t find the link to my page. it is no longer listed on the tribes website. doubt that my writing is a threat to anyone. I told her to google reznjun. that would take her to my page.

I bagged up my dried squash in gallon freezer bags. I filled 5 of them. I put them in the freezer. I will have enough to last me until next year. I am hoping for a good crop of corn, squash and beans next year. breaking new ground should help. will see what happens when it happens.

got some things done

I had new ground broke for next years garden. the tribal garden guys came over and plowed it. it is at the spot I turned over with a shovel the first year I moved into my home 30 some years ago.

I am wondering will I find an arrowhead here again. there is an underground spring here. the indians that lived here long ago musta used it. during the depression era there was a well in that spot. my aunt said it never went dry even when others were.

I will let the old garden lay fallow next year and plant in this new ground. I would like to plant soybeans in the old spot but the seed is kinda pricey. I wouldn’t know what to do with the crop when it was done. maybe make tofu.

I cut up all the crooked neck squash I had and spread it on screens to dry. ended up with a big pile of it. I will put it in zip lock bags and store them in the freezer. sounds modern but it is an effective way to store it long term.

my chickens wont eat the squash peels. I put them in the compost pile. I had a big pile of lawn clippings that I added to that. the compost pile is about 3 feet high. most of it is broken down and will be usable next growing season. I will start a new pile with the leaves from my trees and my table scraps.

after I had all the squash cut up, I finished another roach. it didn’t need much work done but I had to put it aside while I was drying squash. I have 5 done now. I will keep making them. it keeps me busy.

I rarely get involved in tribal politics. I am going to the general council meeting tomorrow though. who knows it may prove to be entertaining.

squash drying….

I have been busy the past two days cutting up squash. most of them are on screens drying now. I fixed about a dozen drying screens I reuse every year.  I have a few squash  to cut up today. temps will be in the mid 70s the rest of the week. rain is expected Saturday but these will be dry by then.

usually I help mary but she isn’t retired like I am. together we have them done in no time. doing it by myself is taking a while. all that is needed (besides the squash) is a sharp knife. and some music. I have to be careful of the knife. I got a coupla nicks that broke the skin. good thing Andrew didn’t use all the band aids.

every time I do something like dry corn or squash I cant help but think of my mother. she taught me how to do these things.  and a lot of other things as well. after I moved to my present home she would come over and help me dry corn or squash. our mothers are always with us. even when they aint.

I ate at a Chinese place last night. one of the things they had in the buffet was frog legs. that reminds me of hunting them when I was young. it wasn’t spring until I had wild onions, mushrooms and frog legs. now there aren’t very many to hunt. I would walk to every pond I knew that had bull frogs.

I was on my way to visit my aunt Zelda. she is in hospice care. her 93rd birthday is coming up. she was asleep and I didn’t want to wake her up. I will go back and visit her again.

I put my name in for aarp’s diabetes cooking class. I took that class a few years ago. we cooked buffalo shank I think. it was good. mary has been to the class twice so she cant take it. she will be my guest for the meal.

speaking of cooking I have to put the pork chops on today. I got a green chile recipe off the internet. it is slow cooked all day in the crock pot. I will put it on then finish cutting up the last squash.

gonna be drying squash this week

got a call last week from the amish country store.  they had the  10 crooked neck squash I asked them to save for me. they were on the loading dock with my name on the cart. mine didn’t make it, that’s why I called the amish store. I bought some from them last year coming back from maine.

we made it a nice Saturday drive to go pick them up. instead of going up hwy 75 then straight across on hwy 36 we took the paved county roads thru corn and soybean fields. when we travel we try to take different routes. we see more that way.

they are good size squash. I weighed a smaller one and it was 12 pounds. two others weighed 19 and 20 pounds. all of them together probably weigh over 150 pounds.  i wanted a big supply of them. I gotta have my dried corn and squash.

I will dry them this week. everything else will have to stop til I get my squash dried. I will cut them up and spread them on the screens i have. temps will be in the mid 70s all this week.

Andrew liked seeing the horse and buggies coming to town.  I knew he would. we seen at least a dozen of them. Andrew asked if he could ride one. I said I doubt it. you never know though. the people in that little town are real nice.

we stocked up on a few things-egg noodles, rolled oats, apples, etc.  we went next door to the bakery. i have to have fresh baked bread whenever I can get it. I imagine we will head back over there sometime before winter sets in.

we got there about mid day so we ate at a downtown diner. it was packed. people looking for antiques filled the town.  the food was good and worth the wait. it was a good day trip.

I finished reading the book I ordered online. it was about how three teenagers basically got away with killing 3 indians back in the early 70s. it was during early aim days. the writer didn’t cut them any slack. it was said indians used ‘witchcraft’ to get even with the boys. the book didn’t go into that much. I read the book in a few days.

now I have to sharpen the knives and get to cutting squash…..

still putting food away

I dug these sweet potatoes up from one of my grow boxes. this is almost 10 pounds. I have two more boxes of them growing. I will leave them until I have eaten these ones. I put them in the crockpot with applesauce, brown sugar, butter and a dash of cinnamon. they taste great.

today I am heading over to amish country in missourah. I got a call from their store. I told them I wanted 10 crooked neck squash. they said they had them waiting for me. I will dry them for use this year.

while at the store we will get a couple of bags of rolled oats. they are pure oats. I am eating them for breakfast now. I will also stock up on some egg noodles. I still have some chickens in the freezer for making soup stock. that’s why I need the egg noodles.

I will have a two hour drive over there. good news is I am now getting 29 and a half miles a gallon of gas. I checked that on my last trip down to Tulsa. I was happy with that. the old rav4 is still going. it wont make it to al bundy miles though.

I am taking Andrew with me. I told him about the amish going to town in horse and buggy. he wants to see that. one of my cousins asked about his younger brother Samuel. she said we are always with Andrew and wondered about him. I said we didn’t take him on long road trips because he is still being potty trained. when he says I have to go, he means right now.

lately the boys have been jamming out to pow wow music. they put on the pheasant feather bustle I made and dance around the living room. I get a kick out of seeing them dance. they like dancing.

at our pow wow a few weeks ago someone had a drone buzzing above the dancers. first coupla times it mighta been cute. after awhile it got to be a bother watching it fly around. it distracted from the dancers. it finally crashed into a pole. hate to be a heretic but I kinda smiled when that happened. watch the show don’t be the show…

golf, mag cover and porky hair

this is a picture of my son joe playing in the golf tournament for the boys and girls club yesterday. he was on a team with my wife, my niece and his coworker.  mary took the picture. they didn’t say how they did so I assume they didn’t win.

I never took the game up. I wouldn’t know what club to use. I am like my uncle bud. he said they hit the ball way the hell over there, then run over there and do the same thing. maybe he had a better grasp of the game than I. I doubt I ever pick the game up. might be too late for me to learn.

I wanted to use a picture of my daughter hattie. I would run into copyright issues or have to credit where I got the photo. she is on the front cover of the latest tribal business journal. she is part of the all female Native American Financial Officers Association board of directors. she is the treasurer of that group based out of Washington d.c. I am proud that she was elected to the national position. I have no doubts that girl will go far in life. she is doing it on her own merit.

yesterday I went for my flu shot. seems I always end up with a cold. I know that has nothing to do with the shot. colds and flus are separate things. I took the shot as a precaution. I don’t like being sick.

I received an email from a trapper I have bought porcupine hair from. he asked if I am still buying hair. he always had real good hair. probably the best supply of it I had. I want to say no but would hate to pass on the stuff he is selling. I had another guy asked if I wanted two ounces of hair. I passed on that. I have enough hair to make over a hundred and fifty roaches. that will take a few years. maybe I will never finish them.

I was amused the other day by our president. he was going on bout how his IQ is higher than everyone else. I wonder why he says so many dumb things if he has such a high IQ.

I finished my sema the other day. now I am just waiting for it to dry. looks like I will have enough for the coming year.

gotta finish my latest roach. its almost done.