fall time

mary and I took Andrew with us to Tulsa this past weekend. we went there to visit wabenokwe, my daughter. I have only seen her a few times in the past year because of her work. she said to bring Andrew. I figured it would be an adventure with him along.

he packed a back pack for the over night trip. we stopped at a rest stop to stretch out. he pulled out a nerf football that he wanted to play catch with. we did. he also had a juice box and snacks. I thought the kid was prepared. he even had his pokemon cards.

there is a place called safari adventures near the state line. I have passed it several times. I always tell mary we should stop there. Andrew heard us talking about it. he started asking if we could stop. we had some time to fill before picking up wabeno at the Tulsa airport so we indulged the kid. he had fun looking at all the animals. in this picture he is 5 feet away from the grizzly bear. he fed some of the animals. he liked that.

we stayed with wabeno at the river spirit casino. that took some real arm twisting to get mary and I to stay at a casino. our room had a good view of the Arkansas river. I wanted to see the slots. good thing. I came home with more money than I left with.

we had a good visit. we ate supper and breakfast together. after breakfast we went for a walk along the river. I walked a mile or so. my knee didn’t bother me much. after our walk we headed home. I had some pain in my knee so I took a pain pill. that made the over 4 hour drive better.

I got an email this morning from K U’s ticket department. I ordered tickets for the men’s opening basketball exhibition game. I don’t know how many years I have gone to the first game of the season. it will be a blow out so I can go down to the tunnel to wait for the players to come by. then I high five as many as I can. that is my k u basketball season ritual.

I have to finish my green roach. we have our fall dance coming up this week. I should have it finished before the dance. gotta get busy.