now he’s ready to dance

I put together an outfit for Andrew a coupla years ago. I made white buckskin leggings, an azyan or breech cloth and an otter hide hat for him. he had a ribbon shirt I bought for him and a yarn belt. we had a beaded black vest made by marys great aunt. I thought he looked good.

it was pow wow time but the kid wouldn’t put it on. I wont force him to dance. dance is supposed to be fun. I have seen some dancers with a look like I am only out here because I have to be. I don’t want my grandson to have that look.

at our last pow wow he was trying to put something together so he could dance. I had a bustle I made out of pheasant feathers that he played with. it was kinda rugged from him dancing around with it. I told him not to wear that. he out grew the rest of what we had for him. he was ready to dance but had no outfit. he asked me if I would make him one. I said yeah. naturally.

he asked if I would make him a roach. I said yeah. his dad got some eagle feathers from the fish and game repository. I probably will make him a bustle with those. I can made some new leggings. I really indulge the kid but he wants to dance. he dances at at our ceremonies. now he wants to pow wow dance. he did get out in the arena on some inter-tribals.

I have been working on a green roach. its not quite done yet. I just finished tying the porcupine hair on it today. I only have the outer deer tail trim left. I had a few things to take care of. I am the emergency baby sitter since I am retired. I had to watch the grand daughters a coupla days. I liked that. I love all my grand kids. I make time for them. the roach had to wait.

I ordered a book my daughter told me about. it is about indians. well the killing of some indians and its aftermath. the book has shipped and I should have it soon. wont take long for me to read it.

I will be busy the next four days. we are having our fall dance….